Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wedding dinner at One degree 15 Marina

Firstly, my heartiest congratulations to the newly wedded couple, Taffy & Jovita!!

Attended their wedding dinner at ONE°15 Marina Club, Sentosa and it was truly 1 unique and tranquil venue to hold your special big day. The club is situated by the sea, dotted with numerous magnificent white yatches, it simply spells luxury and yet, carefree-ness. Jov looked simply stunning ever so in every gown she wore because she has such a fantastic figure. With her very sweet smile, it's truly 天使脸孔,魔鬼身材。Lol! I love their photo album taken in taiwan and the pictures were really such an eye-opener! Like, have you ever seen wedding pictures taken with a splendid white piano admist serene lake rippled waters? Lovely.

Initially I was seated with a group of close friends. But dont know why, just before the march-in, J with her daughter and me were coerced into shifting to another table, just beside them. With people whom I dont know very well. I was actually kinda sian lah, even though the wholeeee table of guys were actually kinda friendly. But as the night proceeds, and because Taffy and Jov were so generous with treating their guests with ample alcohol, my table of guys got pretty drunk. Seriously, I dislike people who're drink as if there's no tomorrow at a WEDDING and then get disgustingly drunk until they lost their composure. Oh yeah and I'm reminded of a particular someone. *Rollz eyes*

And when I meant "drink as if there's no tomorrow", it means ordering as many as 12 glasses of wine in advance even when you haven finish your glass! Because our table had 2 absent guests, so yes, there're ample place to place the dozen glasses of wines. As the night proceeds with more drinks consumed, the guys got rowdier and louder. Our table got so much attention from the other tables that I felt kinda embarrassing. Promptly fled to my close friends' table(wasnt full too) but my happiness were short-lived. It was kinda like a wedding-half-time and all the guests were mingling from tables to tables. Sigh....And when I meant someone is "disgustingly drunk", it means going to another table on unsteady feet, got so close to someone you dont know very well, coughing your alcohol-filled breath onto her face, saying things you shouldnt and then outrageously running your hands through her hair! Arrgggghhhh! I've never in my life thought that I will experience such things during a wedding, for god's sake. FML. I had to flee to the toilet. FFFML. Seriously I meant to leave, but I thought it's not nice to leave a wedding until it ends.

Oh well. At least he didnt puke onto me. He puked onto the floor instead. Else, I will seriously punch him, no matter wedding or not OKAY!

Alright, I'm kidding...I will never do that during my friends' dear wedding. But seriously please dont let that happen to me my dear god!! It's this sameeee group of people who deter me from bringing my C fabric bag to dinners because 1 silly drunk B* nearlyyyy spilled her red wine on my bag. Tell you, my heart nearly jumped out! Short of sounding like a snob....but it's limited edition you see. =/

Still, I'm very happy that Jov invited me and I felt blissful sharing her joy and catching up with my close friends. We'll mahjiong soon ok? Hee!

Actually I meant to summarize Jov's wedding and then go on to share some lovely MVs, dramas and products which I'm recently into. Ended up grumbling about this instead. Duhz. Shall leave it to another entry then. Hopefully I have time to share them, before my "fire" died down.

Down with a bad bad sorethroat, not much voice now. Haiz.....

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