Thursday, March 15, 2012

叶念琛's movies, T-ara's MVs - my new love

Recently, I've been pretty hooked on 叶念琛's movies. FYI, he's a director and not an actor. And most of the time, I'm more concerned with who's the director rather than the casts of the show because I believe a director can make or break a movie. Take, "Taken" the movie, as an example. The simple plot can be summarized in just 2 sentences; "The daughter of an ex-agent, Liam Neeson was being abducted. See how he moved heaven and earth just to get her back." However, the show is one of my favorites. Full of suspense and thrills. And a good director can bring out the potential in the casts, even though they're not super great in acting to start with. That's why you'll see some actors/actresses have amazing performances in some movies but yet disappointing performances in others. It's because of different directors. Shu Qi is one example. =P Of course, a great actor/actress can act as well for every movie, like Tony Lau and Maggie Cheung. =)

叶念琛's movies are made of modernistic love stories with a cynical twist, mostly with unexpected endings. For some newly injected ahh...perspectives, they're really an eye-opener for me. It really got you thinking.... Even though all of them are love stories, you will be surprised that they're not the same at all, comprising of different elements, as I do remember which movie is which story vividly. Here's some recommendations of my few favorites, although I did a search of his movies on Funshion and kinda finished all, if not, most. =P Oh, please view them only if you're above 18! Or 21, better still! And please dont let your kids watch with you. If you get what I mean...haha.

In order of preference;
1) 人约离婚后 Love Is The Only Answer

I'm not doing any introduction of the movie at all lest being a spoiler. But seriously, I laughed non-stop throughout the show!

2) 婚前试爱 Marriage Wa A Liar

3) 我的最爱 L for love, L for lies

4) 十分愛 Love is not all around

5) 独家试爱

Ah yup.....if you realize, the casts keep repeating, like Alex Fong and Stephy Tang. Lol. But I must say Alex Fong is not bad at acting and projected his roles very well. Not super handsome but he has his charm! =)

And if you're super bored at home, here's my recommendation of a 20 episodes drama to keep you occupied during the weekend!

I'm actually not a fan of taiwanese drama because I feel most of the stories are very.....cheesy....dramatic...immature(Please spare me the puppy love stories in schools....) =P Alright, it's not as if puppy love is childish to me. I had my puppy love too! But it's just not a story which I will spend (45mins X 20-episodes) to watch lor. I'm just...out of that age group lah. Sometimes the dialouge simply makes my hair stand and I dont know why! Perhaps I dont have a romantic bone in my body? But one thing for sure, I definitely have a funny bone in my body because I love this comedy! It's still a very touching love story and every little character in this show is so adorable. I assure you, if you're like me, who find most Taiwanese dramas like what I've described above, 白袍之恋 is definitely not like this and you'll enjoy it. =)

Lastly, some songs which I'm into recently. =)

T-ara & Supernova ~ TTL (Time to Love)

It's a very catchy and upbeat song but surprisingly the lyrics are so sad!! I feel like crying everytime I watch the MV. =( So I try to listen instead of watching it. =P


Happy Song!! =D


Kinda sad song but pretty soothing.

Alright! Wishing everyone have a great weekend!! TGIF!!

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