Thursday, March 22, 2012

Some quick movie reviews~ =)

Ratings: 4.5/5
Enjoyed the movie immensely! It's more of a romantic comedy than a suspense action thriller actually. In any case, I laughed throughoutttt the flick! Certainly a great movie to end the night on a high note! Just a mere dissatisfaction that I will prefer other female leads for the know...Kate Hudson....Drew Barrymore......well I dont know...I just feel Reese is not convincing for the role. It's not that she's too old or not pretty enough for the role, because Lauren is a character with personality and exudes attitude, charm and wit. She cant be someone toooooo glamorous or stunning like Nicole Kidman or Angelina Jolie since Lauren had no suitors until her friend resorted her to online dating. Anyway.....I simply feel Reese is acting that role...unconvincingly. She's just not...quirky or funny enough I feel.... Hmmm.....wonder anyone feels the same as me? Side step abit though, if I'm Lauren, I will pick her opposite choice instead. =)

Ratings: 3/5
Manz.....I really have to give in to the director, for it's obviously a very tight budget, a hopelessly boring plot with a...meaningless twist....a pathetic crew of like 10 people? Yet, the show is actually not too bad. I mean, it's not super thrilling but if I can sit down for 1.5hours and finish the show, I think everyone can. And Nicole, how can she still look as lovely and enchanting even with her crazily tousled hair and tears-streaked face? She seems perfect for the role. Like who else can be convincing enough for a role who simply did nothing to make mere mortals fall head over heels over her? I cant think of a second choice. =)


  1. hi. read about Trends casement aircon in ur previous blog. Considering buying. Any problems with that aircon since then ?


  2. has been soooo long.'s like 3 years old maybe. It's sitting in my spare room now and it's not as cold as it used to be, naturally...since we did no servicing at all. But with the ceiling fan, after some warming up, it's still pretty cooling for a room. Hope it helps.