Sunday, May 10, 2015

He's not that into you

Somehow, I've always been the go-to whenever my friends have relationship problems. I never really asked why because I'm usually more concerned with analyzing the situation and consoling my friends. Those, were already a handful. I tell you, it's no easy feat. You gotta weigh your words carefully, try your damnest to give sound advice without breaking their hearts. At the same time, you wouldnt want to create huge delusional bubble for your friends to dwell in. It's my last wish to see them being toy around the finger by some pro.

However, I'm also not one who is so blinded by loyalty that I will suggest things which are not in line with my core values. For example, in short, I will say "Dont be with him when you dont love him" or "Dont marry him if you just want to get married". So, sorry if I cant agree with you on certain things, but it's cool, I mean, it's up to you. We all have different beliefs...values etc. At the end of the day, well, it's your life and if there is're the one facing it, not me.

Therefore, you can be sure in this world, there's bound to be friends who disagree with me. It's really okay, until they take it personally. Which is really, dumb. Because I do care for them, not only for the moment, not only for the situation, but for their whole life ahead. Of course I wish things go well for them, for now and for the future. Of course, I cant be right all the time, sometimes I dont wish that I'm right either. Life is all about gamble. But some bets, you cant know the result immediately. Some come after years.

Recently, crap...wondering is it the season or anything...few friends have relationship problems all at the same time. Some are married, some are attached, some are single. All different problems, all different situations. I chatted on phone with them, whatsapp endless convo, go out for drinks with them, just to get it off their chest. Generally speaking, I dont advise until I'm being asked to. Sigh....I saw so much tears. It really pains me. It's so so so heavy on my heart but I'm used to shoulder all kinds of burdens ever since I was young so still can tahan abit.

Sometimes, I repeated myself so much to an extent, I'm at a loss of words. Maybe they do understand what I'm trying to say, but love blinds the sometimes it stops them from doing what they should do, not that it means they didnt try.... But I'll reach a certain stage where I wont comment anymore, because I've said my piece.

Anyway, I remembered this nice flick which I've enjoyed, I think most of you have watched before.

He's not that into you. 

Super classic.

Ahhh I specially love that quote:

If a guy treats you as though he doesnt give a

shit, he GENUINELY doesnt give a shit~

LOL! But really, sometimes, really cant stand my girls giving so much excuses for the guys they fancy. It's so exasperating. But again, maybe I behaved this way when I'm in love. Lol.

To quote my friend, "I like to ask you is because you're very logical and blunt." Funny. That's because this friend of mine is also a very logical person(Capricorn) until she is in love(I think all of us are like that lah). You know some friends HATE me for being overly logical and too blunt. Then it's so contradicting; they can tell me "Please be honest with you think I should...bla bla" THEN, they blamed me for being too honest and blunt. *Faints*

But well...I'm tryingggg to be less blunt nowadays.

Ok shall stop here, sleepy.

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