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矮子的心声和辛酸 Woes and perks of being a shortie, and tips to look taller

女人我最大 2015-03-31 超高女孩 意想不到的心酸!

This episode is SO funny!! And truly an eye-opener for shorties like me! Lol! Seriously, anyone will prefer to be taller-than-average THAN shorter-than-average loh. I never knew tall girls have woes too, I suppose this only applies to girls who are taller than 1.68m. That is a number which I've NEVER even dream about! I only remembered my height stayed stagnant at 1.5m during my secondary school days. While my classmates constantly need to alter their skirt length, mine stayed the same. =(

Do watch the episode above before you read further. Once you've watched, then you'll understand what is call 壁咚!Lol. Haha Because I'm going to share my woes, ok lah, and perks of being a shortie. Muahahaha

So the first point being mentioned in the show is...

1) Shorties are more agile and better in most sports?

I's kinda true leh. When I was more active in sports during my primary school days, my sports is actually not bad, with a consecutive record of achieving gold. For shorties, movements are quick so usually they run faster in shuttle runs. They're lighter, so they jumped further in standing broad jumps. For the record, I can jump 190cm far when I'm only 150cm. So my teacher asked me to join the high jump competition(zzz) and I came out 3rd. The thing which I'm worse at is indeed 2.4m run, my stamina sucks and I always need to struggle for points. However those were the days, I hardly exercise now. The only sport which I can manage abit is badminton. I've long ago ditched swimming because no matter how I swim, it's still slower than I walk in the water. I blame it on my short limbs. Hahaha! Anyway, I'm aquaphobic lah and sports are generally not that important in our lives. But being tall with long limbs really helps with walking. Tall people gets tired less easily when walking long distances. While the short us, being more agile, usually walks faster and weaves through crowd more easily. Whenever I'm walking with my friends, my friends always ask me "Why you walk so fast?" I was like, "Am I? But this is already my casual speed, I walked even faster when I'm alone."

2) Shorties have more leg space in cinemas and planes?

HAHAHA! Ya lah true lah. Often than not, I see my 1.8m tall hubby with no room for his legs on the plane; he can hardly move. It's not so bad in cinemas though. Shorties are very prone to being BLOCKED in the cinemas especially when we have a tall person sitting right infront of us. Then there will always be a PORTION of the scene being blocked. Sigh.... so sometimes dearie will switch seats with me. Guess the person behind me will be ecstatic, FULL UNBLOCKED VIEW. Lol. Apart from the cinemas, we're always being blocked lah whenever there's a crowd, cannot see this, cannot see that. And we have to be constantly WARY of flying elbows that may hit our FACES or BREASTS. Seriously, dont know which is worse. (=.=)'''' Tall people usually have bigger actions with their longer hands and legs. I have to dodge my hubby all the time when he's always so clumsy and his hits are lethal because he dont have much meat around his elbow. OUCH! Other than that, usually we have difficulty reaching stuffs which are on high grounds. For example, supermarket or clothing stores la, I usually cant reach the higher racks and need to ask people for help. Zzz. Very troublesome.

And sometimes, some very noti guy friends will always refer us, "那个矮的 hor", or that "小不点" or that "小辣椒". (=.=)''''''''''' Or else will suan me, "Can you see that or not??" Humph!

3) Shorties have the privilege of being a 小女人 acting-cute and 撒娇?

Frankly speaking, I'm not that kinda girl who sai1 nai1(撒娇), and act cute(UNLESS I'm super drunk lah okay, that's a different story) and I'm not a 小女人 at all. BUT I think it's true that people have the impression that small sized girls are fragile, needs more care and concern. So they tend to be more protective of them. Most of my closer friends tend to be around the same height as me, within a 10cm range. I think it's simply because we click better and can connect better due to the same height? Lol And I can tell you, most small-sized girls pack a punch. They're strong-willed, independent and most of the times, less vulnerable where emotions are concerned. Of course there are exceptions...hmm...but few. Anyway, I still feel 撒娇 has more to do with looks and tone of voice, not soooo much on height. =) And ultimately, it falls back on the personality of the girl, whether or not she's the type who will act cute or 撒娇. =)

4) Shorties have more 桃花, a,k.a, better luck with more guys because for tall girls, once a guy is shorter than a girl, the chemistry diminished ?

Ok...maybe if we put aside all the other criteria like looks etc and looking just at the height factor alone, yes, maybe it's true. Because short girls naturally have more choices, just like how a younger girl can accept a bigger age range of guys while some guys have issues with ladies who are older than them. However I think there's a small percentage of guys who wants their partners to be tall as well. Personally I know a prick like so. Hahaha! Ok la just kidding!

5) Tall girls will turn masculine and macho once they gained weight while shorties will not?

This is really not true lor. It takes ALOT of weight for tall girls to turn masculine and macho, maybe like a 10kg. 2kg to 4kg will HARDLY be visible on them. BUT once a shortie gained 3kg to 5kg, THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS. Because immediately it will be obvious on their face and body, they will turn "round". Recently I just lost a 2-3kg and everybody asked me how much weight I lost because my face slimmed down as well. It was so obvious to them. And they also commented, "Oh yes, last time I saw you, you were so round!" Actually it's only a 3kg difference, but it was very obvious on my 1.5m tall body.

6) Tall girls cant have these, while shorties can? Lol

This is SO FUNNY! Lol True...these acts are very endearing and sweet. =) And they're common to shorties especially the 摸头, not only guys, sometimes when my girlfriends are consoling me, they also will touch my head, it's very comforting.

Hmm.....I mean I hardly have the chance to see a guy eye to eye while standing up. Usually my eye level is at their chest level or neck? So I do always have to "look up" to them...I've never thought much about that until I watched this episode. Laughed like hell when 阿本 壁咚 殷琪.

And I did a little experiment with hubby, one where we talked eye-to-eye while another when I talked looking UP to him. The atmosphere was indeed different! He said it's...more endearing and cuter. Hahaha. Then I froze in my tracks, and I recalled....I think that probably explained some of the weird actions that previously my guy frens had. =X

I think....when a girl looks up to a creates a puppy-eye effect no matter what you were saying. You can be scolding him and he'll still finds you cute. (=.=)'''' At that (short) height, you have NO authority or 气势 whatsoever. I ever screamed like a 38 at a close male friend towering at 1.82m tall and the next thing I knew, he took 2 big steps and was kissing me. (=.=)'''''''' So it's just hard for a shortie girl to escape that kinda...atmosphere. Sigh.............. On the other hand, it's difficult for a tall girl if she WANTS this kind of atmosphere unless well, the guy in question is 1.90+m tall maybe.

7) Tall girls have difficulty buying clothes while shorties can buy easily online

That's...somewhat true I guess, but ONLY for online clothes. Though of course you still have to be reasonably slim. I cant fit some online clothes either. But most of them are okie. However, I feel for outside stores, it's easier for tall girls to buy clothes. As for the tall girls saying dresses for us shorties will generally turn out to be just tops for them, that is so true. But that also means some tops may in turn be too long for us shorties! Sometimes these tops/dresses stopped at an awkward length which is neither a top nor a dress(I blame the manufacturer), I'll wear it anyway with a pair of shorts. THEN it will always looks as if I'm not wearing anything underneath because the long top sort of covered my shorts. Zzzz. And oh, long dresses and gowns are always a DREAM to us. Despite alterations are possible with long gowns, we know we'll always look like a watermelon in them, eventually, I dont even wear them even though when occasions call for it.

While Yi Xuan said in the show tall girls can never make themselves look more petite(because they cant possibly chop off their legs) while short girls can wear high heels, hats etc to make themselves look taller. But hey, dont you feel tall girls just look sleek and chic effortlessly while shorties will always look...well....humble...and matter how much they tried? :`( Okie, one consolation is, no matter how you look, you'll always give an impression that you're younger because of your height.

Speaking of which, lately I tried the how-old,net.

Which is sooooo crap lor! I looked older than my hubby? 
More than double his age??!!! Wah kaozzz!! He's 38 while I'm 33 lor.

Shorties' dressing style is BORING. They can only wear short dresses or shorts to make themselves look taller. By short, I mean above knee. And we MUST always wear high heels/wedges etc. Everytime I'm in my flats, I feel so small with all confidence gone. That's why I hate the pools and beaches because you cant wear high heels and wedges there! With a tall spouse, there's extra pressure because you always have to match him. Not only that, you'll look very off when you take pictures with your guy friends.

Usually we have to take pictures while sitting down, or else they have to hunch heavily to accommodate me.

I think my friends hunch till their backs want to break already! Hahahaha!

And my darling also need to lower himself somehow when taking pictures with me.
I'm in my highest heels already.....sighhhh......

That's why we must sit down. Muahahahaha!

I'm wearing a 3cm wedge here so effectively, I'm 1.53m here. Zzzz.
Cross your legs sideways so as to make your legs look longer. When your legs look longer, you'll look taller more effectively than having a long torso. A long torso makes you look shorter while longer legs make you look taller.

Well....if you cant wear any damn heels then TIPTOE lor. 
Again, placing 1 leg slightly infront of the other will create the illusion of slimmer thus longer legs.

Sit slightly more infront, lean back abit and extend your legs to elongate your body. 

Oh another thing, if you're a shortie like me and wants people to take your full length standing-up picture, you can ask them to lower down abit and take it from bottom up; you'll look taller this way. Although usually I'm too paiseh to request unless the photographer is super super close with me. Else...have to see whether he/she got skill or not liao lo. A good photographer is more than anything because angle matters!

Actually more importantly, you gotta know your body shape and proportions so as to dress to your advantage. As you probably know, being slim will always make you look taller. So shorties must always try to be slim else once you get rounder, you'll definitely look even shorter. And because I have a super short torso, most of the time, I need to hide my waistline with longer tops or dresses because if not, I'll look even more improportional with heels. High-waist shorts/skirts are absolutely a no-no. If you have a longer torso than legs, then wear high waist to make your waistline look higher. Try not to wear tops and bottoms which visually cuts your body into half. On the contrary, a bikini will make you look taller instead of a 1 piece.

Oh well, just to mention to my fellow shorties friends, being short is not the end of the world, although it's kinda true there's NOTHING you can do much about it(personally I think a knee operation is totally ridiculous). 志气比天高 OK!! More importantly is your will and your mind!

Have a dream. And do whatever it takes to achieve it. Height has nothing to do about it. Erm, unless you wish to be a model or air-stewardess. =X Alright, but all other careers should be okie!!! Be positive!!! =D

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