Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beautiful Life

I'm up early!! Am actually up at 10am. Wow!! That's because hubby woke up to wash himself. Being a light sleeper, I'm up too and not been able to sleep anymore. I really hate myself for being such a light sleeper. Though I always console myself if *touch wood* got any burglars or whatever I will probably know because I think I will wake up from sleep if the main door opens. Haha!

Had a great holiday eve with the girlies, Gra, Jy, Kel. Felt so blessed with such great friends around me. =D And when I'm home around 3+am, there my cute hubby was sleeping snuggled in blankets. Floor was vacuumed, dishes washed, Vickki's food re-filled. What more can I ask for? =) But FYI, MOST of the time is I do housework one okieee~ Just that yesterday, again, bad night sleep and was in a rush to meet the girlies then I told him to leave it till I'm back to do it today because he was kinda sick yesterday. But he did it anyway. And now he's with his client at medical checkup appointment. Such a darling.

Actually I'm really quite short of going crazy this few weeks because I was cooped up at home as I was sick. Ate really little with most of them being ta-bao food, accompanied with frequent diarrhea, I actually lost 2.5kg. So yay, pretty happy. =P Although the girlies said I'm back in shape, I still wish to shed off a few more kg maybe. My face is still puffy. =( But I reckon that's quite mission impossible because I'm backkkkkk! I cant even think of how much I ate yesterday.

We met at Raffles City, Aerins at #B1-11/12 for dinner and drinks. I chose the place because they always make me choose the venue! Anyway, I've been there before. It's a nice place and I love the Prawn Risotto. Perfect seasoning, creamy, with succulent giant prawns. It's still preferable to share the dish as it's risotto, carbo mah..and the creamy texture, some might get tired halfway through. So we ordered Norwegian Salmon Fillet and Italian Spicy Sausage to share too.

My fave is still the Prawns Risotto although I love the onion sweet sauce which accompanied the Italian sausages and mashed potato. However, spicy sausages are just not my cup my tea. Love cheese sausages more. The Salmon is not bad. The stars of the night ought to be the desserts!! Namely, Profiteroles and Warm chocolate lava cake with ice-cream!! They really got us all whining, they were sooooo good! The Profiteroles were like cream puffs stuffed with ice-cream and I love the ice-cream which came ice-cold. Hate runny ice-creams. It's not vanilla but yet not overly sweet. Cant fathom the ice-cream flavour but supper yummy, it's really just my kinda thing! For the warm lava cake, the outside was crisp yet soft, and when we cut it open, liquid chocolate simply flowed out. Orgasmic! I love it that the chocolate was not googy and not too sweet. Gra joined us slightly later at 9.30pm and had a starter; Soba with seared tuna, which she said was good too!

We also ordered a bottle of Chardonnay which was priced so cheaply at $50. Though I find it to be slightly acidic but they're still pretty okie. I mean, you can seldom get wrong with white, unlike reds which can be a disaster. =P Lychee martinis!! Our ladies' favorite. 2 at $20 only. I thought the alcohol was decent, considering the price. But Jy said her Watermelon martini was overly strong so she switched with Kel's Raspberry martini, which was kinda too sour to my palate. It was a wise choice to just stick to lychee. =P

Basically the place has a great ambience in my opinion. Apple green lush cushion seats and I specially reserved a table next to the fountain( so control freak! =P). The place was quite crowded on a PH eve but still not really full house and I really appreciate that the people there were not as noisy. Great place to chill, bitch or gossip, discreetly. Haha.

The only bad point was that they closed too early, around 10.30pm on a PH eve. Normal days will be 10pm. So we adjourned to Pan Pac hotel for 2nd round. Gra recommended us this cozy bar lounge which serves $9.99nett Saketinis, Martinis and Wine. Can you believe it?? It was kinda full inside so the waitress allowed us to sit outside(out of the lounge, at the hotel sofa seats). It was kinda funny because if you are to sit there and order drinks, the drinks will be like twice the price or more in comparison to if you're siting in the lounge. They're like 2metres apart? Haha. So anyway, not many people around there though we did see many ladies dressed to the nines strolling by(to toilets). Later then we realized there's a club at Pan Pac, near the taxi stand. Hmm....what's this trend with clubs at hotels? It is all the rage, like Avatar is Marina Mandarin.

Lychee Saketini came highly recommended by Gra so we all took it. Yums! It tasted quite similar to Lychee Martini with less sweetness with just a teeny kick of sake punch. We also ordered Wings and Scallops & Pork. Both did not impress. I have a sensitive palate and the wings didnt taste fresh to me, which was very disappointing for a hotel's standard. I was daunted by the 3layers of pork fat...who came up with the idea of serving it with scallops?? While they do served water, they tasted like raw tap water. I mean I know the "ice water" served anywhere is also tap water but somehow, the fluorine taste aint that strong. Maybe because there are ice-cubes and lemon etc. But this, was.....arggghhh. Anyway we had so much to catch up and the waitress kinda disappeared after settling the bill. Which was around..1+ or 2am maybe? But we continued to sit there and chat.

We chatted about everything under the moon and at one point or another, we simply wondered about what is love, what is like, what is fate and what is life. Haha. Profound ya. =P We all have our counterparts but yet all seems so vastly different stages. For example, Jy is married with kid, I'm married without kid, Gra is attached in a stable relationship but not married yet etc. We're all of different ages too, with max 7 years apart. Omg, didnt relized Aunt Kel was 7 years older than me till now. Lol. The babe looked as fresh as mid twenties. =D

And all of us have our differences with our SO(Significant other) and we simply marvelled at how we all got to come together as buddies years ago, how we went through each heartbreak and became stronger and how we're doing now at different phases of life. At one point in time, something simply strucked me, as clear as lightning, as to, you know, how the imperfect bla bla bla can be the perfect bla bla bla for the imperfect us because nobody is perfect bla bla bla. It's a known fact that nobody is perfect and we all have our shortcomings. But which kind of shortcomings is acceptable and which are not?

I can think of 3 which are totally not acceptable(to me)
1) Womanizing
2) Excessive gambling
3) Not committed

I wont and cant accept them, if any ONE of them exists in my partner. So what are the acceptable shortcomings? Tons. As much as they're acceptable, sometimes too many of them also seems like a big problem! However, its's like a no end to comparison since we're also not perfect ourselves.

And I simply said, if he/she can accept your biggest fault, that will be his/her most priced asset. For a relationship to be really long-lasting, the good points must really match the partner's bad points.

For example

An emotional girl will need a super caring boyfriend.
A calculative girl will need a generous boyfriend.
An MCP boyfriend will need a docile girlfriend.
A bad-tempered boyfriend will need a good-tempered/patient girlfriend.

It actually doesnt matter if how many good points you have. You might be close to perfect. Your partner might be close to perfect. But if he/she, with her biggest heart/asset, cant accept your greatest flaw, then both of you might be difficult to work out.

I always feel my greatest flaw is my temper. I have a fiery temper, short-tempered(chillipadi lor). I get irritated or angry easily but I also get cooled down pretty easily and I dont have grudges. Never. Sometimes I'll just forgot the whole thing even happened after 5minutes and asked, "Where you wanna eat?"

Maybe you can already guess, and yes, hubby's best point is that he has an excellent temper and is very patient. And because of his crappy nature(at times), he's able to disarm me with jokes and laughter even when I'm boiling mad. Until I also dont know to laugh or cry. Tell you few men got the balls to do it, few man succeed.

For his part, his super major flaw is that he's super insensitive and thus not caring at all. It's actually quite a challenge as all girls need care and concern. But I have to bear with little or almost none for most of the time. It gets quite unbearable when I'm having PMS, that's when I get vulnerable and super emotional. Thank god other than PMS, that seldom happen because I'm optimistic, cheerful and independent. And I have great friends to confide in. ALTHOUGH I do babble once in awhile when I'm on alcohol la, "why cant my hubby be more concerned about me etc etc". Ladies need care and concern one mah. =P

Apart of all mentioned above, of course there are other stuff too.
Must be satisfied with the overall package la! And the bottomline is, you must be happy with the person! If a man gives you more heart-pain than happiness then please forget about him.

Every one got a checklist in their hearts, some got a longer list while some have a shorter one. It doesnt really matter though do understand that the longer your checklist, naturally you need a longer time to find, unless you're real lucky. And, while you have your checklist, other people have theirs too. It's to each his own. Some guys like their girls gorgeous, with boobs and with no spunk while some girls like their guys with money, with career and with no mothers. You know, both quite the same so dont go finger-pointing la.

That concludes my entry! Jy suggested we should all go tour 1 day. Totally agree. Bali sounds perfect for lazing and massages but lately many earthquakes leh.

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