Sunday, October 30, 2011

Coco Lee's Wedding!!

Sometimes really cant stand how weak my immune system is. Was at a roadshow yesterday and I blame it all on the weather. I began to sneeze like hell, all the way till late. Took not 1 but 2 panadol cold relief and today I'm a jelly. =( No choice but to rest at home instead of going to work as I have a full day course tomorrow. Have to wake up early. Sigh. I've tried drinking more orange juice to improve my immune system but because of the stupid acid reflux disease, I cant drink too much acidic stuff. Vitamin C pills always cause me to be heaty, which again leads to sorethroat and fever. What can I do or eat leh??

On to happier things. Very happy that my idol, Coco Lee finally got hitched. It's so heartwarming and it felt as if a friend got hitched instead. Haha. There are numerous reports of the wedding and lots of waggling tongues said things like how little her hubby, Bruce Rockowitz earns in comparison to how much the wedding costs, or how Coco is richer than her hubby so she's probably the one paying for her own wedding or the worst from the more ignorant ones, saying how Coco married her hubby of 11 years old senior for his money!! Sometimes I simply feel so ashamed being a Singaporean. I dont understand why and how people alwaysssss have negative stuff to say. I feel so sorry for them, a bunch of bitter lowlifes, who are always whining about not earning enough and feeling sour grapes for people who obviously CAN AFFORD to splurge on their weddings. I mean, it's really none of our business to judge whether the wedding is justified for their income, or whether the splurge is worth it or not. So long so they're happy!! It's THEIR wedding okie. And obviously, Bruce, a CEO of a company and with over 21 years of experience, you worry for his cashflow or financial management? Common. Worry for yourself first la.

Moreover, Coco has soOOoo many suitors. It's apparent that Bruce's significance to her much exceeds his worth. I think he's very sweet to accompany her for the Singapore Concert. From Coco's interview, Bruce is a very very nice and humble guy. Like, which guy can go on the first 3 dates with the sister tagging along like a nanny? Very wet blanket right? But Bruce went along, albeit with some amusement I can imagine. And during the first meeting with Mama Lee, Mama Lee totally ignored Bruce despite his few attempts to try to talk to her. A man of his status, a CEO, I think he's very respectful for the elderly and extremely humble. Me too, wondered why Mama Lee is so dao, And after the meeting, Coco also asked her mum desperately why the cold attitude?? Mama Lee replied, "I didnt answer him because I'm observing him intently!!" Haha Mama Lee so cute. And he hardly talk about his achievements, instead he's concerned with her family, which I think is very sweet. To see the interviews, it's here(at 31:30) and here, very funny and entertaining.

I think the couple was extremely sweet and not to mention, exceedingly generous in ensuring only the best were used and presented at the wedding. With all the stars' performances together with Coco herself, I believe it was not only a glamorous and touching wedding, but also a stellar show! Let's share some pictures!

With Mama Lee. =D

Awwww...........I wish them everlasting matrimonial bliss forever =D

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