Thursday, October 13, 2011

My faves for Oct 2011

It has been a long time since I share my fave items. Simply too busy to do so. But here it is. Give them a try and hopefully you'll like them as much as I do. Actually I love them for quite some time already, just no time to blog about them. =)

1) Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss

I'm loving this nude colour in 040, Nude Lustre! Angi like it so much that she bought a similar tube too! Super obsessed with nude shades this quarter. I'm like buying every single thing in nude, nude harem pants, nude dresses etc.
This range of glosses comes with spf15, very opaque and they're good to use alone even with no lipstick. They are pretty long-lasting, thus a teeny bit sticky. But I love it because the colour "eats" easily into your lips and doesnt seems "separated". Hope you get what I mean.. =P

2) Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss
Am also loving this range of lip gloss in 080, Cherries in the glow.
It's a very subtle and sensual red. Gives a sexy pout without coming across as trashy or loud. Both glosses mentioned are very opaque and without any glitter. I seldom buy glosses with glitter because that will make my already thick lips even plumper. Yeah, I dont wish to look like I have 2 hotdogs for lips. =X

3) Christian Dior - Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect # 457 Pink Liberty

Christian Dior - Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect # 457 Pink Liberty

This ought to be my favorite pink lip gloss ever. I always love pink glosses but somehow, sadly, they just look wrong on me. I know I look far from sweet but even neglecting that fact, most pink glosses which I bought simply cant "eat" into my non-pale lips. This one can, comes with slight shimmer and looks very sweet.

4) Revlon Nail Enamel, Creme Brulee 915

A pinkish nude nailpolish! Slight shimmer and I believe suits any skin colour. They're pretty lasting too. 1 coat of my toes lasts for weeks. However not so for nails if you need to wash dishes like I do. =(

4) Hopegirl Honey Bling Blusher in lovely pink
Although I'm very tempted to buy Candy Peach as well!

I love it's leopard prints packaging! It's a very pigmented blusher, pretty lasting too. What's more, it comes with a very soft blusher brush which is very handy for touch-ups. I seldom like brushes attached with blushers but this is really 1 exception.

I tried their mascaras as well but it's not impressive. Just try to resist it's packaging then.

5) Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care Conditioner.
This comes in a white bottle, although there are other colours like gold and red as well, differentiating different series.

Actually I tried the shampoo, but it wasnt impressive. Surprisingly, the conditioner is really good. Hair feels extremely soft and smooth, and somehow, voluminous after using. Watson's having a 20% sale right now for Tsubaki, which is extremely rare!! Go get it! Have yet to try to hair mask. Will review it when I have time. =)

And somehow I just realized all the items I've shared are currently out of stock on online websites. Haha. Thank god we have Watson, I usually get all my stuff there. Yeah, I'm a drugstore girl! Because so far many branded stuff I've tried disappoint me again and again, no matter it's base makeup or cosmetics etc. The one which let me down the most ought to be SK2. I've sold the Pitera Essence but the Cellumination Essence is still sitting in my wardrobe. (=______=)'''''''' Even applying on my neck gives me itchy rashes. Urgh!

Much prefer Korean skincare/base makeup for now like The Face Shop and Beauty Credit. Oh and Bourjois and Shu Uemura too. For makeup items, I'm quite open to all, though more inclined towards Urban Decay, Revlon, L'oreal or Jap/Korean brands. =)

Do share your faves too!!

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  1. revlon is good!! haha.. hope girl one looks so nice!