Monday, April 16, 2012

Hairstyles can change your look...totally

It has been a long time since I've updated my blog with pictures. Here are some updates on how I'm shrivelling. Other than gaining 1 kg from last night's sinful JB feast, I've changed a new hair colour last month. I was loving the milk-tea colour(left pic below) until it got washed out to hazel-brown colour(right pic below)? =( I did use L'oreal colour-protecting shampoo but still.......... Well...I'm thankful that I still like my current hair colour lah....provided it stops changing colour again. (=.=)'''''''''''

I have really dark charcoal black brows so I actually have to bleach them so that it matches my hair. Of course, some sparse parts got to be filled in with the same shade of eyebrow powder/pencil too. trivial as this may sound...lately, I've changed the way I wear my hair. Instead of wearing them as above, I simply separate my hair into 2 parts and secured both left and right side with matching clips(right pic below). It's super easy to do and merely take seconds. There's no need for hairspray or anything, simply pushed them slightly upwards for some volume and clipped in place. There's no need to be too neat about it. After that, pull some strands off your left and right temples to soften the look. They can alter your face shape to be slimmer too.

I actually didnt think of it as a big thing since it's just merely adding 2 clips to my hair; not as if I permed my hair or anything. But I received compliments that I look younger, more demure, this look suits me more etc etc, which earned very odd looks from me. It's not that I'm not happy that I look younger, who wouldnt? But I dont wish to look too far apart from my age. I'm 30 this year and I'm happy enough if people thought I'm 27 or so but not younger than 25 please! And demure?'s so not me. However, looking at my 2 pics side by side, and no wonder, I do look different. In comparison to the decent look on the right, the previous me kinda argghhhh. Actually I've always minded that people has this very wrong impression of me that I'm a flirt or player those kinda stuff. I even have friends commenting that I look like a kept woman or some mafia leader's woman. ZzZzzZz So I'm very much consoled that simply by adding 2 clips to my hair, I can actually....well....minimize such wrong perceptions.

I also love this hairstyle by StyleSuzi, which she wears everyday. It's kinda similar to mine. However, it's more troublesome. As the clips are clipped at a much lower position as mine, it's more difficult to create volume. Therefore, unless you have very voluminous hair, you'll need to tease your hair and apply hairspray etc just like her to achieve this look.

So do consider changing your hairstyle time to time, to your preference. I rather think it's fun. If I'm younger, I'll definitely be braiding my hair in lots of sweet styles like bubzbeauty. They're so sweet and feminine. Yah, again, not me.

Just too bad I'm not that young. Though it's extremely tempting as it's super hot these days. Maybe I'll try one day. Wagagagaga. =P

And to the drunk friend who totally lost himself weeks ago and even told me, "I read your blog, you think too much."

I think too much? It's my business, it's my blog okie. I like to write my thoughts on my blog and if you think I think too much, you can buzz off. Nobody force you to read okie~ 莫名其妙

(P/S I'll update about our Jcube power failure experience tomorrow.)

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