Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Short post

I feel like dying these few days. =( Previously I was plagued by this persistent cough. Super ke lian lor, cant have cold drinks and desserts. =~( And after it finally stopped, I developed this sorethroat which makes even the swallowing of saliva painful. Then no chilli and tom yum soup. =~( After a round of antibiotics, I had to go back for a second visit because I didnt recover. And the 2nd round of medicine makes me feel like dying. I'm like half-dead most of the time after the medicine took effect. Breathlessness, giddiness, nausea. Really feel like skipping them! But if I dont take them, my throat wont recover. =( So I actually reduced the dosage to be more alive. God...let me get well the soonest!

Ratings: 3.7/5
Comments: Let's face it. The guys love these flicks. I find this sequel amusing, and not in a very disgusting way, thank god! For I dont appreciate the part 1 very much. =.= Anyway, the part where the main lead(married man) rejected the 18year old super-willing-horny virgin pretty lass was so unbelievable. Seriously, in that situation(semi-nakedness splendor), really? A guy will reject? Reaaaaallllllllyyyyyy?

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