Monday, April 16, 2012

Jcube Power Failure

Dearie and me were at Jcube yesterday(Sunday) and boy, it's was so so so crowded. Not much shopping available(as yet I supposed) but did manage to buy a pair of kid's flat pumps(the biggest size..zzz) at a Korean clothing shop with an ultra long name...Neve La La something. The tips were slightly narrow and they kindly did some expanding for me, again and again, till I say ok. So kind. =)

Also bought some beauty stuff at SASA and 2 bras at Young Hearts Lingerie.

Dearie joked, "Dear, next time we got children, boy call Watson and girl call Sasa okieeeee? Since you love shopping there so much. =D" Coupled with his ultra big FAKE smile hor....I really....cough blood sometimes.

We planned to have our lunner(lunch+dinner) at Eat @ Taipei at the level where the ice rink was but it's only open for dinner at 6pm. Which is totally silly. Hello it's Sunday! Eventually settled at Thai Express because dearie wanted thai food. And the service was sloppy. Food was so unsatisfying. I used to order "all prawns" for my seafood shrimp paste fried rice but was disappointingly informed this time that maximum only 4 prawns. =( So I requested for no squids instead. Dearie's tom yum seafood soup tasted slightly diluted. Apparently there has been a drop in standard.

I'm recommending Porn, which is a thai food restaurant opened by Pornsak, our mediacorp TV host. The tom yum soup is nice and I like that it comes with a mini burner. It keeps the soup piping hot for a considerable amount of time. What's more, they serve ice water in metal cups which keeps them chilled for a longer time than plastic cups. It's a very very considerate move for people like me who needs to sip ice water time to time when taking spicy food. =X Lerk Thai's tom yum soup is nice too but it's too spicy for me. Porn's jade green curry was nice too though I prefer Lerk Thai's one. All the seafood from both restaurants are very fresh. Recommended.

I really really love the bras I bought at Young Hearts. They're soooo comfortable. Usually for females, when they get home, they will simply strip off their bras because the underwires are torturous!! However, it's not the case for my newly bought bras. They offer all the support but were totally comfortable! But I guess part of the reason is I was wearing the wrong size all along previously. (=.=)''''

I was happily shopping for the various different designs there when the salesgirl approached me and offer to measure my size for me. Errrr........I was of course very embarrassed and declined. However, she was very helpful and said it's better this way as the sizing will be more accurate. Actually she kinda "assumed closed" and proceeded to loop the measuring tape around me already so I relented by saying, "Ok! But can we measure in the fitting room?" Lol. Paiseh le...

Ok so anyway, the size which she measured was different from what I've been wearing. She didnt insist that she's right, however, she picked out 3 bras for me of the size she measured for me to try. And I obediently tried them on, alongside with the other 2 which I picked(of my usual size). And true enough, her bras fitted very very well while mine didnt fit very well. Well....I always thought ill-fitting bras are simply because the cutting dont suit me. And while it's true there are slightly different cuttings for different brands....I had to believe her because the bras she picked for me fits to a T. I was of course very happy and picked 2 designs I like to purchase. However she kept pushed me to buy 2 more and to get the member etc.

And when I declined nicely saying I dont really fancy those designs because I have something similar, her face blackened immediately. And that annoyed me. She tried 1 more time at pushing sales when I'm paying, and I told her frankly with a smile that I dont like those designs and if I like, I'll definitely buy and be a member straight away. Her face turned back black again. Duhz! What a disappointment in the abrupt drop in service level. A shame.

So anyway, do you know at least 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? So dont be shy to ask for measurement assistance! It really helps. If you're really shy, read this to measure yourself; How to measure your bra size. Troublesome right?? Especially the measure cup size part. Let them measure for you la. Dont worry, they measure with your clothes(and of course bra) on!

Act cute. Bleh~

Mango Tango Mousse and Choc cake from Kungfu Paradise. They're OK....tasted pretty much like BakerzIn.

We continued shopping until it was time to go into Shaw to watch "Mirror Mirror" and rudely got a shock that the lifts werent working! We were at basement then! As the cinemas are located at level 4, we hurriedly rushed up all the ultra long elevators which were very crowded. We then noticed some of the escalators going down were malfunctioned. Hoards of people had to walk down the escalators. Aiyo.....the poor oldfolks!

As it was our first time catching a movie there, we dont know where is theater 6. I sprinted over to Shaw counters but was shocked to see the metal gate closing down with people queuing inside to buy tickets! Weird, it was only 7+pm! The gate finally stopped moving with a 80cm gap above the ground and anxious with my movie, I threw all demure pretense aside, squatted down and cranked my head to shout to the Shaw people inside, "where is theater 6???" A young boy squatted down too, cranked his head too and said to me, "It's right over here but you cant come in because this gate is closing!!"

I said, "WHATTTTTT????? WHYYYYYYY????"

At that very moment, the gate started coming down again and finally closed that 80cm gap with a deathlike THUD and bringing our conversation to an abrupt end. Wah lau!!! Machiam like those movie where the last words are exchanged between the survivors and the goners.

I was simply dumbfounded. You mean I cant watch my movie??? No way!!! My mind turning quickly, I remembered there was another door leading to the theaters. Thank god it wasnt locked and waving my tickets like mad, we made it through without being treated as trespassers. And thank god our movie only just started. =)

But our relief were short-lived......throughout the film....there was this stupid fire alarm which kept went off.... So it went Ringgggggggggggg ringggggggggggggg. Wah lauz!! Super turn off. Okie it finally stopped and we enjoyed our movie in peace..............until the last half an hour, where the show was at it's most intense moment......the movie simply stopped and a black screen greeted us. Like wtttttffffffff~~

All the audience simply began murmuring and sat in silence....waiting to be addressed. Yes, there was this boy in Shaw uniform but seeing how he scratched his head and spreading his hands wide apart...sigh. He dont have the answer either; that whether should we wait or should we leave. Tired of waiting, dearie went out to seek an answer and finally queued up for a refund.Shaw stuff replied saying we used credit card therefore we cant have refund. If I'm there, I surely scold him upside down. Pay by credit card not equivalent to money huh? Damn you! Initially he issued 2 movie passes but dearie rejected, saying what if the same problem happens at Jcube again. That staff finally issued dearie 4 movie passes instead. You know it's so stupid. We cant go watch the movie again because the first 1hour will be boring because we've watched it! And now we're stranded with an unknown ending and the feeling suckssssss! I know this is probably not Shaw's fault as the whole Jcube had a power breakdown. But tough luck okie! You need to compensate!

Ratings(watched only 3/4 of the show): 3.8/4
Comments: It's not bad lah, could be funnier. I adore Julia Roberts in the show. She's so cute and funny! All the furnishings, costumes etc in the show were so princessy and opulent. Nice. =) Because Snow White is so legendary, it's funny how dearie and I commented Lily Collins seems not fair enough at the same time. I do find her pretty, just that the makeup kinda thick but dearie said she's still not pretty enough to be Snow White. Acting out a legendary character can be so difficult huh~ =X

And I suddenly thought of Emily Browning(in Sleeping Beauty and Sucker Punch), she seems really fair enough to be Snow White. Then dearie said, "Ya, but she cant act." Pengz!

Wow! Love her complexion manz! But I'm not going to watch this show lah. The trailer couldnt be more boring.

Although it was only 9pm....but the mall was 90% closed as most dont have electricity. Managed to grab some food to eat before heading home. It was kinda warm too because the aircon dont work too.

Pique Nique, sounds like picnic. You'll love them if you love breakfasts because they serve them all day!
Dearie's white wine prawns pasta: though they're not glass prawns, there were at least 7 prawns. Tasted not bad
My Breakfast: Erm...was it Long Island Breakfast? Sorry kinda forgot the name but they were delicious. Definitely better than Wild Honey(which I totally dont understand what's the crave about...). The bacon strips were kinda miserly though and I was slightly disappointed that my poached eggs werent as runny as I love them to.... Hmm.....maybe I'll add a note next time that I want my yolks to be totally runny. But actually....isnt that understood? =P You can request for sunny-side-up or omelettes if you want too. At $12, it's very economical. The dessert, mango madness is not impressive.

Thus end my Jcube experience. Still a happy girl because it's the company that matters. =) But Jcube, buck up!!!

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