Sunday, February 9, 2014

Canadian Pizza Delivery

Wow, I was really impressed with their food. They came really piping hot! Not just warm. I didnt take note of the time as I was doing my stuff but it should be around 1 hour as promised. Minimum order for me is S$25 so I ordered the following side dishes. Not a fan of pizza because I dont like to spend on flour. HAHA.

Fat calamaris came hot and CRISPY. Nice and not chewy too. 
Really wasnt expecting this from a delivery. 

Clockwise: Moroccan Beef Meatballs/Baked Macaroni with basil sausages/Shepherd beef pie

The meatballs were really fantastic. Wonderful flavours, juicy tomatoe based with a robust aroma of spice(Moroccan spice I suppose) and just a bit spicy. 

The macaroni were slightly over-cooked at the top and were slightly hard and the bottom ones were kinda soggy. But I have to say I love the flavours and the cream base was well-balanced as I dont like too creamy ones which might be jelat, nor was the sauce too watery. Dont really like the sausages though, hard. Though it looks dry in the picture, inside was really juicy with the sauce. 

Shepherd pie, not nice. Too dry. Do not order.

I just love the flavours of the meat balls and macaroni. 

I was alittle shocked to realize no condiments and utensils are provided though.

Total summed up to S$28+, inclusive of S$3 delivery charge.

Will order again. =)

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