Sunday, February 2, 2014

Random shopping - Gold Juicy Couture Zipped Wallet in Saffiano Leather. & OOTD

Bought this Juicy Couture wallet online from Ebay. =D And to be honest, I've been searching for a gold wallet for the longest time!! Just didnt see a nice one! Hmm....I heard some sayings about a gold wallet as well as a zipped-up wallet is good for wallet fengshui! So anyway, initially I only came across this design at Groupon where they're selling at S$175. Being a fussy shopper, I checked out online and after doing my sums, I got this from an international Ebay seller. After shipping and everything, this wallet costs around S$150. Yes I saved S$25. It would probably be even cheaper in the States...but what to do....everything is expensive in Singapore so we just have to pay for the shipping. It's still a bet because I've never seen this design in real life, was kinda worried that the gold tone wont turn out nice. However, my worries were unnecessary. =)

It's beautifulllllllllllll~~~~~~ Pics taken with my Note 2 and I didnt bother to edit them at all because they are so true to real life. The gold is gorgeous. The quality is pretty good too! I say, better than the usual Coach and Kate spade wallets(no offence). By the way, it's my first Juicy Couture buy.

Yessssssssssss!! Pink exterior with prints of a crown. So cute righttttt~!~

So far, I love this wallet. It was relatively lighter as compared to my ex-wallet, a Prada Bow Wallet in Saffiano leather.

Initially I was actually kinda worried that a Juicy Couture wallet with a price of S$150 will be compromised with poorer quality, since I'm kinda used to very durable and quality wallets(I love my LV damier canvas long wallet too). But I was thinking, this Juicy Couture wallet is also made from Saffiano leather(not fully though), which is the same as the Prada. And I've been lemming for a nice GOLD wallet for the longest time so I just give it a shot.

And guess what, although I cant comment about the durability for now since I've just started using it not long ago, but it's exterior leather feels like it's of good quality and it's gold colour looks posh instead of cheapo. It's zips are super super smooth, UNLIKE the zipper for my coin compartment for the Prada wallet. I probably cant fault the bow design of the ex-Prada wallet since initially I thought it was cute....but now I really prefer a wallet which is generally flat and easy to organize in the handbag, without any fear of crushing the protruded "bow". 

But it has much fewer card slots. I think actually my cards can fit 2 long wallets. Zzzz...really...all cards in 1 wallet will simply make it look bulky and ugly. I really dont know what to do either. Maybe I will just try linking some of my credit cards with the savings account to double as an ATM card. Just like how I linked my FRANK card.

I love this current wallet now. Hee! Dearie was more than happy for buy it for me because it's much cheaper than most other stuff I like. Dont count on it my darling. :P


Bought this watch holder from Groupon at S$24.90. A very good deal! They usually cost over S$50 in shops. And I was extremely satisfied with the quality! Sorry the deal had already been sold out, you can follow my FACEBOOK because usually I share great deals over there on a more prompt and impromptu basis rather than blogging on a lagging pace. Hahaha.

I have more than 6 watches actually but the box of 10 is very squarish and difficult to keep on my dressing table. So I bought this which holds 6. It's enough anyway, to hold my most worn watches on a daily basis. It's generally very easy to store the watches as well as whip it out daily to wear, although my bangle watches are like "floating" over the cushion, but it does fit well inside the box. Forgot to take a pic with the lid closed, but there is ample space so my watches doesnt touch the lid at all. It looks nice. =) Now my watches are more organized on my dressing table. It also looks neater and saves more space as I dont have to keep a few different designs of bulky watch boxes!


2 of my favorite buys some time back. 

On the left is a dress I bought from Bangkok Platinum Mall 1st storey at S$8. It's like a new kind of stiff but stretchable texture/material. It's kinda rough to the touch but still okie for my skin. It gives the same slimming effect as bandage dresses in a less aggressive way, also at a friendlier price tag. I was simply amazed at how much slimmer I look. I bought a black/white striped high-waist-ed flair skirt of the same material before at Bugis for $12 too, it's super flattering as it made my waist look smaller.

The right is simply a off shoulder gold-studded thinly-knit top(S$25) and denim shorts(S$22) bought from Bugis Village Level 3(new wing). I love off shoulder tops because they instantly made you look slimmer when you have a "bigger" upper body than your lower body. It exudes a little sexiness without being overboard. I love shorts anytime. =) 

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