Thursday, February 6, 2014

Congratulations to Boo & CY - Wedding dinner at Fairmont on a Sunday

 It's Boo's and CY's big day at Fairmont! Couldnt snap a proper pic of them as our table is far from the aisle. So got it from his FB. =P So handsome and pretty righttttt??? Hee!

My heartiest congratulations to the lovely couple! Boo and CY have been together for 12 years before tying the knot and it always amazes me because I know it's totally not easy to be boyfriend and girlfriend for more than 10 years without tying matrimony. And Boo is such a humble person despite his success in his work. I really appreciate all the kind words and help he has given me. =) So I'm really very happy now that he has entered another life stage, which is, to be a husband!!

It's quite the most sumptuous banquet dinner I've ever eaten because almost every dish is seafood!! I, of course dont mind for I love seafood! 

Just looking at the pictures make me drool. =D~~~ 
I missed pictures of some dishes but I really enjoyed all the dishes. Usually I'll skip the 2nd last dish, which is usually noodles or rice but I have to mention the "Fragrant rice with red dates and diced abalone" is really yummy. It tastes like the chinese's claypot rice and is so fragrant. 
The whole dinner is simply wonderful. We're almost so sure the couple must have topped up some money, how else can the menu be so sumptuous? 

Thanks for having us and here's wishing both of you an even more spectacular marriage following your grand wedding. =D

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