Saturday, February 1, 2014


I've been wearing this coloured contact lens which is supposed to be grey but kinda looked blueish grey with a rim of light brown. Loving the colour and I came up with an eyeshadow combi of L'oreal Infalliable colour in Sassy Marshmallow and contouring the outer corners with Gunmetal in Urban Decay Naked 1 palette(the last colour on the right) to match it. a rush, forgot to brush my lower eyelashes with mascara. My bad. Pic was taken after I reached home so the colours kinda not as fresh. 

Got these pictures off the internet
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Sassy marshmallow is a great colour to use on the inner corners and under eyes for that pop of bright colour. Many raved L'oreal Infalliable colours for their pigmentation and lasting power. Maybe they're not bad. But when paired together with the NAKED palette, they're no match at all. The colour payoff immediately over power over L'oreal Infalliable. So use just a littleeeeee eyeshadow from NAKED on the outer corners to contour will do. 

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