Monday, February 3, 2014

Movie Review: From Vegas to Macau & OOTD

Movie: From Vegas to Macau
Ratings: 8/10
Comments: It's so nice to see Chow after so many years!! Oh how I miss him! He's still sauve and charming despite all those added wrinkles. I like Nic too but in this show, he was clearly out-shadowed. His role is simply too boring. Still a nice show afterall, pretty funny. 


Denim overalls from Bangkok Shibuya, only S$6 (150baht). Love the textured denim material.
Most overalls arent flattering, especially at the waistline, this cutting is considered good already although I dont look my slimmest. Pretty good quality. Cant be tried on so thank god I asked the lady for advice on the size. =)

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