Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Chambers at Far East Square

Sorry for the long absence. I'm IMPOSSIBLY BUSY! This will be a quick entry!

Had a treat from my lovely colleagues in view of their promotions and celebrations of milestone events. And the food were really good! I ate till my tummy felt like exploding. Lol. I've never been to Chambers and initially I thought they serve those middle-east or turkish cuisine? But as more dishes were served, I was quite confused. Ahh...Fusion. Classy word for chup-ba-lang, a.k.a Rojak.

Kebab. Very fragrant with a hint of spice. 

Wedges, nicely fried

Generally I dont like fried chicken of such nasi-brani style because usually the meat will be tough. But surprisingly no, the skin is sooooo crispy and the meat is tender and juicy. Weirdly, my colleagues said theirs were abit tough. I guess I was lucky maybe.

This is the clear winner, hands down. Everybody love this dish and some of us had more than 2 servings. The salmon was presumed to be grilled with just butter and some salt but the texture and flavour was just thumbs up without being overly oily or dry.

Love this too!! Just the presentation makes me salivate. I like it that although it's so obviously fried, it doesnt appear oily at all. Right amount of mustard. And the fries are cripsy too. Yums!

The only con I may have with the place is that it's fully alfresco, though with no sun. Ang mos probably love it though. Thank god that day was pretty windy so the atmosphere was great with us big groups chatting. =) Oh I saw a pool table too, probably not free though. =P I believe at night it will be more of a drinking place than a lunch place. 

The Chambers

45 Pekin Street
Singapore 048775

Did I mention I've changed a new handphone?? Hee! Can you even believe all the above pictures are RAW and UNEDITED pictures taken by my handphone? 100% ZERO Edit. Oh life is a breeze............saves me the trouble of adjusting for brightness, contrast and sharpness. The pictures are as true to life as it gets. =) Saves me much time in blogging.

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