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*Edited* Lenovo YOGA 11S 1st Impression Review & ACER ASPIRE S7 Short Review

I'm so in'm totally OBSESSED with my Lenovo YOGA 11S right now!!

Granted that my pictures aren't of the best quality as they're snapped in poor lighting with my fone. But anyway, an easy google search will lead you to studio quality pictures. It's very slim with a velvety texture. :) Here are the features and the specs. Bought at S$1099nett with FOC 3years Mcafee antivirus scan, external DVD writer, 2 years warranty and a o-biang black laptop bag. I also bought Microsoft office at S$170nett, all these from a chap call Nick at Courts Jurong Point. Quite a nice chap(not pushy) and you can look for him if you want. Oh But currently it's out of stock at Jurong Point. I paid there and went Lot 1 Courts to collect instead. Please note price at different outlets might be different and you may need to negotiate.

Ideapad Yoga 11s
  • 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i7 3689Y processor
  • 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i5 3339Y processor
  • 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i3 3229Y processor
Operating System
  • Windows 8
Up to 8 GB DDR3L- [onboard 2G/4G/8G]
11.6" multimode high-definition ( 1366 x 768) display, 16:9 widescreen with IPS technology
Dimensions (W X D X H)
298 mm x 204 mm x 17.2 mm (11.73" x 8.03" x 0.67")
<1.4 kg/<3.08 lbs
Integrated 720p HD webcam
Hard Disk Drive
128/256/512GB SSD
Integrated Communications
802.11 b/g/n, BT 4.0
USB 3.0 x 1, USB 2.0 x 1, 2x1 (SD/MMC) card reader, Headphone, Microphone, HDMI-out
  • Integrated stereo speakers supporting Dolby
  • Home Theater v4 certification
Integrated Intel® HD Graphics 4000
>= 6 hrs

Basically I want a very light weight touch-screen laptop with long-lasting battery life for my work. Although I told Nick my budget is below S$2000, he didn't hard-sell me with other more expensive models but instead told me this model is pretty worth it and of good quality currently at promotional price. I think I asked whether it comes with i5 instead of i3 but he said the difference is not big and i5 exhaust more energy so it will have a shorter battery life. Since battery life is my primary concern too, he said full power should lasts about 4-5hours. Of course it wasn't a fast and direct sale, I did minimal comparison and finally caved in. Initially afraid 11.6inch might be alittle small, but I feel pretty okie when using it.


This laptop is pretty light. Considering most models usually weigh around 2 kg, this is 1.4kg. Remember how my left shoulder aches so much because of my old laptop model which weighs around 3kg? This one is a life saviour. And because it's much lighter, it's much more comfortable for it to be put on my lap or rather my abdomen(bad habit, don't learn) when I'm using it on bed. But sometimes I put it on a cushion too lah. And because it can be flipped and folded to be used as a tablet(as it's touch-screen too), just like an iPAD, it's like an additional plus point as it's super suitable to be used on the bed; for e.g, while you're lazing, watching youtube videos. You can also flip it in an inverted V shape to make it stand on it's own so that the heat of the lappy dont bother you(or your lap/tummy/bed).

Strangely, I don't like to use the iPAD(hubby's) because I don't like to use the keypad. I much prefer to use the keyboard anytime, especially when I'm blogging. But somehow I actually like this touchscreen keypad of YOGA. I can type so much faster(with both hands). It's just super sensitive too. The movie review entry above this was actually blogged without the keyboard. And it's such a kick punching the keys on the keypad, however, it's not convenient to blog because you can't see what you're typing(except when you're typing the blog title). It just block out the lower half of the screen when the keypad is out. If only there's a preview of the sentence which you're typing. Lol. But for minimal text like in FB comments and typing of website addresses, there should be no problem. Also, the keypad doesn't appear automatically when I need it and doesn't disappear when it should. A shame.

So far, it has been a breeze using this. The keyboard is nice to press and I totally need no adaption to resume my normal typing speed. The touch pad is "smooth" too when I'm doing left/right click or highlight texts etc. I'm super ANAL about these stuff. Granted the HDD is only 128GB but it's SSD, meaning it start-up/shut down very fast. Indeed it does. As it's now so new(only installed Microsoft office), it's expected that the speed is fast. Love the graphics too. Stereo is just normal; just like any other.

I'm not IT guru la...but merely know some minimal please don't laugh at me if I said anything wrong... I do understand i3 is not the best processor but I'm only willing to fork out minimal budget for a work lappy so I just have to make do! We have another 2 more laptops now for home use. [=.=]''''''''''

This is just the 1st impression review. Perhaps give me few weeks. After my work software is installed, I reckon it will definitely be slower. It's still having it's "virgin" charge right now. So I will only test out it's battery life later. And then I'll update.

So far, LOVING IT!!

Dearie is using ACER ASPIRE S7 for his work(touch screen too) and as much as it looks so sleek and pro, and also slightly lighter, it almost make my blood boil when I tried to use it to blog once. And I never use it again. I had problems identifying the keys at night because of the stupid cyan backlight which is pretty but distracting. While I'm blogging or surfing or anything, the page will somehow run up and down on it's own accord and I always need to scroll back to where I was. Alright or maybe somehow I swiped the touchpad by mistake or something. Whatever. I have problems with it's right click too and just don't mention about highlighting texts. Cough blood! And it's battery life sucks! Only less than 1.5hours when I'm watching videos on full batt. (I'm told YOGA can lasts 4-5hours, we'll see). But hubby still loves it because it's "Oh so sleek and chic".

Told ya guys are superficial animals. :P

But his is the older version. Heard the newer version has a faster processor with longer battery life at maybe 1 or 2 hundred bucks more.

If you're curious, he got his at S$1600 from Jason(who refers his colleague) at Gaincity beside Lot 1 with FOC DVD writer and Microsoft office, which was our best deal after minimal comparison. You can find him if you want other models or electronics and such, he can give a better price or throw in more freebies. He's not at all pushy. Can ask if you want, no harm. =) Quote Fion. I trust that you will not say you're my lesbian girlfriend or ex-boyfriend huh~ =O

Full review here: 

Lenovo YOGA 11S(i3) Full Review - 4.5/5stars

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