Thursday, October 3, 2013

SAVH - Most therapeutic and amazing massage I had. =)

Few weeks ago, I was having this really bad ache on my left shoulder and back. Basically, it started from my left neck, shoulder and all the way down my left back, stopping midway. I reckon it was because I carried too heavy stuff on my left shoulder. It was so bad that dearie intended to bring me to sinseh if it continues. However, I was very lucky to have a chance to try out a massage from the Mobile Massage Team. I only did a half hour session on my back and shoulder and miraculously my ache was all gone! And it's only half an hour! I was SO IMPRESSED. I'm super picky with the standard of my massages but I must say this is the most therapeutic and amazing massage I ever had. For normal massage outside, whenever the masseur kneads somewhere which is very painful, I have to point it out to them, "lighter abit". And usually they will use that lighter pressure throughout the whole body, which is totally unnecessary because it's only that particular area which I need them to be softer. Thus, the whole massage usually goes like this...."here softer harder normal....." Which dearie always laughed at me for being a klutz. What's the masseur not pro enough okie!! Do you have such experience before??

Madam Yap did my massage(on the professional massage chair) and the reason why I was so impressed was that I dont need to point it out to her where to use less pressure and where to use more pressure. She can feel which part of my muscles are tight(thus painful for me) and she will automatically apply lighter pressure, repeatedly to soothe the tension. Once she left the "problematic" area, her pressure increased and it resumed to normal. For the whole massage, other than conversing with Madam Yap towards the end, I dont need to instruct her on the level of her pressure; she just knew automatically and applied the suitable amount of pressure. She also sensed I have chest pains(because she felt a knot on my left chest) and taught me a few exercises to do to relieve the tension in my chest area. 

It was also extremely economical as compared to the normal massages outside. What makes it special was that the Mobile Massage Team is a crew of qualified, visually-handicapped masseurs from SAVH(Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped). Unless you interact with them, you wont know they're visually handicapped because they dont look like at all. You probably wont believe it but their massage skills are easily more than twice as good as the masseurs outside, which are mostly PRC or Filipino FTs. And no wonder, these aunties and uncles have more than 10years of experience. I have nothing against these FTs coming to Singapore to earn their living but I definitely feel more compelled to engage the services of our own fellow Singaporeans who are visually-handicapped but yet still trying hard to earn a humble living with their own hands, rather than just sitting on the word "Charity". They are a bunch of very humble professionals who are very compassionate. I highly encourage the engagement of their services for any personals or corporate functions; this will be a great way to do charity and to reward your employees. 

For personals, you can visit them at SAVH MMT Centre (47, Toa Payoh Rise, Singapore 298104)
Tel: (+65) 6251-4331
Fax: (+65) 6253-7191
Mobile Massage Rates
(For Internal Customers @ the SAVH MMT Centre)

$10.00 for a 20-minute session of either foot reflexology or head & shoulder massage.
$15.00 for a 30-minute session of either foot reflexology or head & shoulder massage.
$40.00 for a 60-minutes session of full body massage.

For corporate events, you can arrange with them for the following options.

Mobile Massage Rates
(For External Customers eg. Corporate Functions, Ad-hoc events and House calls)

Option 1:
$12.00 for a 20-minute session of either foot reflexology or head & shoulder massage.
(Subject to a minimum of 5 sessions per masseur. Failure which the booking agency would be required to compensate the balance)

Option 2:
$55.00 an hour per masseur for a 1hour block booking
$45.00 an hour per masseur for a 2hours block booking
$35.00 an hour per masseur for a 3hours or more block booking

Naturally the more hours you book, the more economical it is! Initially, my team and I actually arranged 2 masseurs for 3hours booking (option 2) but the response was overwhelming so we had to book an additional masseur and extend another 1 hour for all 3 of them.

You cant imagine the glee and happiness from these old folks when we told them we thoroughly enjoy their massages and they were just so thankful and kept thanking us for giving them this opportunity. *Heart melts*

Some special things to note will be: 
They will be arriving in cabs, so just kindly send 1 or 2 personnels to guide them to your event venue. Naturally, guide them to the washrooms if they need the toilets and such.

If you will like to have those professional massage chairs(with a hole to rest your head), then do reimburse them for the cab rides and also help to carry those chairs to the event venue. 

Despite they're handicapped in some ways and charging more economically than other enterprises, I hope if you're booking them for more than 2hours, then please give them at least 10-15minutes of rest and also some water to drink for that long hours of work. =)

Please help to spread this entry or message to anyone, who might engage their services. Thanks so much! =)

For more information, please contact the staff of the Mobile Massage Team at:-
Tel: 62514331 ext 163.  or
Mobile: 91731964

Donations are also welcomed.

(P/S This entry is not sponsored in any way)

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