Monday, October 21, 2013

Movie Review: Special ID

Movie title: Special ID
Ratings: 1.5/5
Comments: Woohoo!! Quite a long time since I gave such a low rating to an action film. Why? It's not as if there are no actions. Plenty. Action choreographer is Donnie himself and it's super disappointing. The moves are so barbaric and simply looks boring. It's more like wrestling instead of fighting. Alright, maybe in real life people fights like that, by chaining the opponent's neck(for a longgggg time) to subdue him, or both wrapped up together in a ball for a longgggg time and see who is stronger. BUT this is a movie!! If you're into action films like me,'ll bored. Jackie's old movies of 20years ago is much better. 

Next up the plot. The story is about an undercover cop. I nearly feel like strangling the script-writer. So many parts dont make sense; like, if you're an undercover, would you throw a big celebration for your mum and let the whole world knows who is she and you love her? If you're an undercover, will you cohabit with a ROOM of cops for a longggg period of time?? The plot is just in a mess. Hello, can you go watch "The Infernal Affairs(無間道)"? And the dubbing sucks, it's so disturbing to the ears with the inaccurate Chinese spoken. No improvement in Donnie and Andy's acting whatsoever. 

Alright. The good part? I think the special car stunts effects coordinator, Bruce Law(羅禮賢), really deserves thumbs up! I say this is the best he had ever put up and quite a break through. Glad that his standards didnt drop at all despite him missing for quite awhile? Oh ya...I think the music effects supervisor did a great job too at choreographing "exciting" and "upbeat" music to otherwise very boring "wrestling". The makeup is pretty good too, the swollen face...blood everything.

Here's a good recommendation for a good action flick, if you're really a hardcore action movie junkie like me. Not much of a plot frankly speaking but the actions, WOah! Nice!

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