Sunday, October 13, 2013

*Edited* Lenovo YOGA 11S(i3) Full Review - 4.5/5stars

An update to the last 1st Impression Review(which is actually only yesterday. Keke!),

*Edited* Lenovo YOGA 11S 1st Impression Review

(Pictures all taken from google-search)

So glad Nick(the sales from Jurong Point Courts) did not lie to me. He told me YOGA 11S(i3) can last 4 to 5 hours on full power mode and 8hours or so on standby. Indeed, full batt lasted 4hours 45minutes with continuous use of surfing and watching of videos with MAX brightness and MAX volume, if you're curious. I'm simply SOLD!! And weirdly enough, I've been using it for 2days and I am very very puzzled why there aren't any fingerprints at all on the screen. The screen looks super clean! It's just super amazing. I asked dearie whether his ACER ASPIRE S7(touch screen) has any fingerprints. He said of course lah(with a tone that implied I'm like an idiot), that's why he'll wipe it every other day. Even our iPAD or handphone is constantly dirty with fingerprints, why not YOGA 11S?? I didn't use a screen protector as I'm afraid it affects it's sensitivity since I'm using it as a tablet too.

All in all, I'm very satisfied with Lenovo YOGA 11S. And will give a 4.5/5 stars and this is merely my personal opinion(and I'm a very very very simple girl).

The only thing I don't like is the keypad doesn't appear/disappear automatically when it should be(when being used as a tablet), and when it does appears on my call, half the screen(lower half) will be blocked; the page wont be shrinked automatically to accommodate the extra keypad. So it's stupid when you cant see what you type sometimes if the space where you're typing falls on the lower bottom of the screen. Of course, naturally if I really do need a lot of typing, whether in emails or blogging, I will use the keyboard instead of the keypad. Other that that, I love BOTH the keypad as well as keyboard; they're super sensitive and easy to type. =D

And it's also a tad slower if you open more than 15tabs on your browser. queen is like that. =P I will improve. =) 

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