Friday, October 4, 2013

September 2013 Favorites

Here's my September 2013 favorites. Not many, because I was really busy, and also because some items were a let down. Initially I was harboring hopes that the much raved Mrs Bunny Travel Kit Brushes from Sigma Beauty which I bought from Luxola's birthday sale will be a great favorite. Sadly it isnt. Granted that the brushes are extremely soft on the skin, no shedding whatsoever, however they trapped too much products which makes them inefficient and a total waste of my pigmented eyeshadows/blushes; I have to use so much more product than usual and yet they dont transfer to my lids or cheeks, only to the cotton pad when I am cleaning the brushes. Arrghhh! The foundation brush also streak. The packaging was cute and pretty and the travel kit cylinder holder is great for holding the brushes, but other than that, they're much much smaller than the pictures shown and I dont think they're worth the price. And I'm just glad I purchased them with a 30% off else I will really be kicking myself. =P Will be trying out Real Techniques brushes soon. 

O.P.I. Nail Lacquer in 
Thanks a WindMillion

This is the most true-to-pic picture I found online; picture credited to Lovely, elegant green which makes your skin looks fairer and brighter. It was a random colour I chose during a pedicure session and I was so surprised it looked so much better than on the nails colour palette. Will definitely be purchasing it. 

Beauty Credit Lovely Face Powder 
- Loose power in 21 crystal

This simply works great when worn alone; when I'm just going to nearby and not wearing any foundation/bb-creams. Thus, I just want something fuss-free, and light on my face, offering slight coverage without burdening my face too much. It brightens up my face while still looking very natural and makeup-free. It also lasts a good 5hours or so, which is enough for me if I'm just catching a dinner and movie out of town. You can use a colour-correcting base before it but not recommended for use with bb-creams/foundations as it will look heavier. 

VS(Victoria Secrets) Perfect Body Smooth me over - Pink Sea Salt - Exfoliating body polish

Simply love the packaging, sweet and classy all in one. It's a birthday gift from my darling, Gra and I love it as much as I love the girl herself. =) As the name suggests, the salt scrub is really in pink! It certainly needs more water(apart from a wet body) to be blended well for good exfoliation. Apart from that, it works miraculously well on smoothing and brightening the skin as well as keeping it hydrated, which is something lacking in most scrubs. If you have dry skin then try this out; it's less harsh but still able to give you gentle exfoliation without over-drying your skin. The product has fragrance but not really one which lingers after you've washed them off. 

ZA - Cleansing Foaming gel

It's supposed to act as a makeup remover too but I merely use it as a normal cleanser. I love the fresh and cooling sensation as well as how clean, supple, smooth and hydrated my skin feels after that. This combo feeling is something which I've never experienced with other cleansers. Shiok! =) I also realized it's less oily at t-zone and pores also got smaller. 

Fiberwig Paint On False Lashes - Extra Long

It simply lengthens my lashes to a new record length! Enough said!

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