Sunday, October 6, 2013

Movie Review: Out of Inferno

Movie title: Out of Inferno
Ratings: 4/5
Comments: Although not exactly labelled a sequel, we somehow expected it to be something like 十萬火急》(英文Lifeline, if you still can recall it being an awesome thriller flick in 1997 with Sean Lau(刘青云) as a resourceful firefighter. (Initially thought it was the same director but it wasnt) The show is still very engaging, indeed did not disappoint but I actually prefer 'Lifeline" more, just because I feel the flow of the plot is more cohesive and logical. Script is not that well-written. Seriously, from daybreak till night fall, couldnt the ladder crane be drove to where the victims are? And for the final last part......I shant be a spoiler...but I thought it's just not possible for the victims to simply walk out like that after the fire was put out by the water; if it's really that easy, the firemen would have done it easily from the beginning. That being said, the directors did a great job. 

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