Friday, October 4, 2013

Towers of saviers

Sorry for the long absence......was extremely busy. Yesterday was hell. Vomit and diarrhoea, with stomach pains and fever. Prime suspect is Yoshinoya Beef bowl. Arghh!! Tough night...difficult to sleep. Slightly better now. *Edited - apparently not. Just vomited again...sigh....*

My dear so funny lor.

Ask me whether I can log into facebook and log into some page for some lucky draw.

"huh...tower of what?"

"Tower of Saviors"


So indeed I logged into it and saw the usual criteria for lucky draws, which is to "Like" and "Share", things like that.

"Anyway, the lucky draw got what prize?"

"I dont know."


And once I reached the page...

Rewards include:
10 Diamonds
2 Diamonds
1 Diamonds
1 Harpy
1 Madhead
1 Dark Prime Soulstone
1 Light Prime Soulstone
50,000 coins
1 Aquatic Great Soulstone
1 Flaming Great Soulstone
1 Earth Great Soulstone
1 Golden Great Soulstone
1 Dark Great Soulstone


"Huh?! You mean the prizes are all this(items for the game)??"

"Very good one leh!! Can make me very powerful."


Who can join:
For users of the English server TOS who are level 10 or higher

"Above level 10 then can leh. You level what liao?"

"74!!!!" Very triumphant tone.

"Woahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Li hai Li hai." *sarcastic tone*

And what we(he actually) got?

1 Dark Prime Soulstone.

The boy is so happy. [=.=]"""""""""""""

I dont understand.

If you're interested, then go here,

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