Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Appealing for witness for robbery on 10th Dec 2013 or earlier near York Hill Estate, near Chin Swee Road

Sorry for the absence. My dad, Lim Lay Hock, was assaulted and robbed, most probably on the 10th Dec or slightly earlier.  We're not sure where he was robbed but most probably near his home at York Hill Estate near Chin Swee Road, opp Outram Sec Sch.

He was hospitalized in SGH on 10th Dec and just passed away on the 20th Dec. We were all deeply grieved by it because it was an unnatural death..... Was so emotionally and physically drained. :(

We're currently appealing for witness, please kindly share and spread if possible. I will be most grateful!!

To the robber who assaulted my dad and caused his death, I really dont understand how you can beat up a 60 year old man so severely and live the rest of your life. Really urge all to be more careful because Sg is no longer safe. My dad's collarbone was broken, suffered a fracture of ribs which punctured his lungs, with head injuries. All these triggered pneumonia/stroke/heart attack. He passed away after 10 days of coma. The killer is still at large, enjoying his Xmas with my dad's valuables. Anyone with any info in regards to seeing my dad being robbed, please kindly contact me. We're not really sure where he was being robbed but we believe it's near his home at York Hill Estate near Chin Swee Road, opp Outram Sec Sch, on the 10th Dec or earlier. Deeply appreciate if you can share. Lastly, it will be good if you can educate your old folks not to wear valuables when they are out alone(ya some dont listen, but just try). And pls pls go hospital and call police immediately after being attacked because it's easy to underestimate the injuries. Have a merry Xmas....and stay safe everyone....Thanks for all your condolences.

It was really stupid of me, initially I put up dad's picture at the wake because that's the only one I have.

So many kind souls commented to send us their condolences. I'm so deeply touched! The post also have few hundreds shares. BUT, I thought that picture dont look like dad and I wished to change to the recent photo of his. Unable to find that option, I deleted the picture, thinking I can replace the picture. But the WHOLE POST got DELETED without warning. So damn angry with myself!!

Lastly, I thank everyone who had messaged me in one way or another and friends who came down to the wake. Most of you look so tired, I felt so sorry and yet so touched at the same time. Love you all!!

Singapore is no longer safe.

Please be vigilant and stay safe!!! God bless us all............

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