Monday, December 2, 2013

Movie Reviews: Rigor Mortis 殭屍

Movie Review: Rigor Mortis (殭屍)
Ratings: 4.5/5

Comments: To date, this movie left me the deepest impression because it consists of so many elements. As a tribute to the late Lam Ching Ying's and Ricky Hui's Mr Vampire series, this movie is starred by veteran actors like Chin Siu Ho, Anthony Chan, Richard Ng, Chung Fat who had once acted alongside one another. The story starts off slowly with building intensity as the intriguing plot starts to reveal. On and off it was harmonized by emotional and tender love scenes...punctuated with violent and nerve-racking bone-cracking actions and finally epitomized fear and spine-tingling thrills with realistic animations, bloody setups and zombie makeup. *claps claps*

If I didnt know there's only 1 director for the show, I would have thought I'm actually watching a movie directed by 3 different directors; namely Wong Kar Wai(王家衛) for the emo and artistic scenes, Jeffrey Lau(刘镇伟) for the eerie and chilling ghostly scenes and Wilson Yip(叶伟信) for the violent and tough action fights. Awesome directing by Juno Mak(麥浚龍) because all the elements blended well, almost cant believe it's his directorial debut! I think this 29 year old man has a bright future. The setup also left me really speechless. It retains the old Hongkong "flavor" but adds in a spice of hollywood animations. A master piece. 

If there's something which I find annoying will be the very extra and redundant ending, and it's kinda heavy movie and did anyone notice a very important scene was missing?

How did the mask got off Richard Ng? 
This really deserves a proper filming than just a sloppy scene taken of the mask after it was being detached. 

I was puzzled over the very "classy" English title and my very knowledgeable hubby told me "Rigor" means "Stiff" and "mortis" means "dead", in short, reflects the chinese title, 殭屍. 

Soh Des Ne~ An apt title for a movie to tap into the Hollywoods.

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