Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Misleading 35% sale from Luxola with a super RUDE and CONDESCENDING after-sales service Email Reply

Luxola Order Confirmation

Luxola.com contact@luxola.com via mail142.wdc04.mandrillapp.com 
11:57 PM (23 minutes ago)
to me


Order Confirmation

Thank you so much for placing an order with us here at Luxola!
The details of your order are as follows:

Order Number: LX-04582413481

Estimated delivery date - 06/12/2013 (2pm-6pm)

If you wish to change the delivery address or delivery date, please click here
For information on making changes to your order, please read our FAQ

This order has been paid for by:

GST Registration No. 201111155N

This order will be dispatched to:

Mobile phone :
Home/Office phone :
ItemsColorQuantityItem priceTotal
Korres Lip ButterQuince1S$18.00S$18.00
Sleek MakeUp Face Contour KitLight1S$17.00S$17.00
Beauty Blender Pro Double BlendersPro Double Blenders1S$39.00S$39.00
Shipping costFree
Thank you again for your order. Should you need to contact us for any reason please emailcontact@luxola.com or phone +65 8493 7315.
When it comes to delivering your order, we hope that it will go without a hitch. If we have attempted to deliver your order but there was nobody to sign/receive it, then we will email you.
For re-delivery of orders under $50, a surcharge of $10 will be applied. Alternatively, you can collect your order from our office which is located at 203B Henderson Road #0206, Singapore, 159546.
For re-delivery of orders above $50, we will re-deliver once more for free, but if our second attempt also fails, a surcharge of $10 will apply for subsequent re-delivery. Alternatively, you can collect your order from our office which is located at 203B Henderson Road #0206, Singapore, 159546.
Re-delivery will be made once we have arranged with you a day that is convenient for both parties.
Weekend Delivery
Although our office isn't open on weekends, we will under certain circumstances deliver to you on a Saturday as long as it is arranged before Friday 10am. Delivery on a weekend will incur a surcharge of $10.
Delayed Delivery
Due to a high volume of orders we may have to move your delivery to the next available business day. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Fion Lim <@gmail.com>
12:02 AM (18 minutes ago)
to Luxola.com
I see the nett amount is only around 69.55% of total, meaning it's only 30.45% off instead of 35% as promised by the promo code.
That's because of the GST which is later being added on right?
12:07 AM (13 minutes ago)
to me
Hi Fion,

We are legally required to collect GST starting first of November. Orders prior to then didn't have GST. After 1st of November all orders have GST due to government regulations.

The Luxola Team

Southeast Asia's Premier Online Beauty Store

T. 8493 7315
A. 203B Henderson Rd #02-06 S(159546)

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Fion Lim <@gmail.com>
12:19 AM (1 minute ago)
to Luxola.com
I NEVER said you're not ALLOWED to collect the GST and not dumb enough to know that it is a government regulation.
I dont care when you're allowed to collect them either. 
I merely wish to CONFIRM the NETT amount I'm paying is correct as it was a MISLEADING 35% off sale AFTER GST been added to the discounted amount
BECAUSE the nett amount I'm paying is not 35% OFF my gross total.

You get it?

NEVERMIND, I do understand this is normal marketing sales gimmicks, I dont really treat it very seriously
UNTIL your very RUDE and condescending email.

What a great after-sales service.

Last time I'm buying from Luxola.

This order summary is NOT the same when I was paying. The "GST" amount was being omitted.

Maybe next time before you pay for any online shopping, calculate the gross and nett amount yourself to see exactly how much discount you're getting(as promised), instead of getting duped by misleading marketing gimmick AND THEN slammed with such a rude email reply. When I was paying, it was simply shown as gross amount, discount applied ($25.90) and NETT total S$51.47; So I simply paid without any thoughts. The GST amount WASNT STATED AT ALL(When it was actually secretly being added in). SO unless your mental maths is so good or you manually calculate it yourself, you wont know what you're paying is only a 30% off instead of a 35% off.

Yaya I know only 5% difference, but I'm a black and white person. 35% is 35%, 30% is 30%. If I tell my clients their premium is $249.50, I'm damn sure not 50cents more is charge to their account.

Too bad I didnt printscreen when I was at the order cart page; I almost did because I'm sharing 1 beauty blender sponge with my friend. Damnz!

As I said, I'm FINE with such marketing gimmicks, it's not the 1st time anyway, with GST later being added on; I feel 30% off is also not bad too. BUT I'm just furious with the way my email is replied.


  1. ah thats very bad !! I was even planning to place an order with them. Do you think it is worth to shop with Luxola ?

    Sarah | luxola discount code singapore

    1. The lousy customer service and misleading discount coupon codes aside, as long as you do your sums and know how much you're paying, I think it's still okay bah. As the items I got are authentic and are not damaged/faulty in any way.

      I'm merely saying sometimes their sales or discounts are not really as per promised at 1st glance as they are marketing gimmicks and kinda misleading. It's only until you paid then you know you're actually paying more. So I hope nobody falls for it like me. =)

  2. Luxola customer service SUCKS, it was a horrible experience. Defective item, and I had to chase them for email replies, and they were rude and demanding.
    Please go and read more bad experiences from the public here - http://www.beetricesreviews.com/2012/04/think-it-through-luxola-facebook.html

  3. Hi Kaori,

    I'm from Indonesia and I have a bad experience with Luxola too. They customer service really suck indeed. Here my experience: at 04 August'14 I was order 3 items from Luxola and I paid for them. I emailed Luxola for confirmation about my order and payment. Luxola did respond on 5 August about my payment and attachment of my orders (3 items) and the next day they send me mail that my order have been shipped and give the the tracking no. (Aramex/ and 3 items). OK, everything looks normal but then suddenly on 7 August Luxola send me mail again that they apologies because one of my order was out of stock!? (I don't get it! I swear, it's still available when I clicked to put in my chart) Helllooo Luxola?? WTH is this, I complaint to Luxola with my Mail that yesterday Luxola told me my goods have been delivery, I check Aramex my reference no, it was DOF in transit, and now Luxola telling me that one of my order out of stock!! Did I miss something? Actually my goods is already delivery or not delivery yet? Luxola then replied, that my 2 other items are shipped and the email one that I received is an automatic one, thats all. they mentioned before that if I want to put in wait list/wish list or a refund. WTH with automatic one? Why it's so late! I'm complaint Luxola about that and actually a bit mad when asking they explaination why on earth they don't ask me first before shipped my other 2 items, so I at least I have a chance to switch and arrange to other item which is still available n as the same price, am I? I don't like if I have to wait 'my out of stock one' for too long without certainty till it's available again (beside they even not give me any warranty I will received that, what if later they miss/forget) and refund sound not a good idea too. What so good about having transferring money all around? Just waisting time! So I complaint again, it's not my fault it's them. I mailed Luxola three times and you know what.. They not answers me until now. Really not professional and very disappointed! Now I'm worries about my goods, I still haven't receive it until now.. When I check in Aramaex, is still the same DOF in transit from 6 august until now.. What should I do, Luxola won't reply my mail too :(

    1. Hi, just want made an update, my problem is already solve, after I had contact the right man in the right place. Luxola then contact me immediately, quick responsed it was but then slowing down a bit. But after all, they keep their promise.. So, my suggest is if you have any problem and stuck with the customer service, try to reach their authorized person.. That's quite make the customer service panic haha..