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Spare a thought for other people, despite you living comfortably


HRicky via 
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Nov 23
(1 day ago)
Dear The Real Singapore,
Guys, on friday i sacked 6 pinoy nationals and 1 indian national at the MNC i work for fraud basically.
One of the pinoy that was sacked was a HR personnel (Pinoy), another was an IT personnel (Indian National).
What happened was that these two clowns had colluded in hiring their own nationals (mainly pinoys) in the company. 
Basically we had put up Job adverts looking for some people, now when the people sent the email, anyone that was singaporean was deleted, they kept only the foreigners (pinoys.)
The IT personnel was basically bribed by the Pinoy to delete the log files on our SMTP server as well, making it seem that no singaporeans applied for the job.
What the IT personnel does not know, i keep another log file separately (disguissed as a system file) sent to another server.
When i saw the log files did not match the IT personnel gave some rubbish story only after i threatened to report him to the police, he told me the story.
Basically the Pinoy hr had people from the phillipines apply for any openings in the MNC i work and deleted any resumes that were singaporeans and he managed to get 5 pinoys past me.
They work on the idea that he gives the job their first salary belongs to the Pinoy HR. The Pinoy HR then gives 20% of that to the indian national to do cleanup on the server to clear traces.
The HR and IT guy were sacked without notice on Friday. The 5 pinoys that got in were also sacked. These were not small jobs but jobs that payed more than 6K/mth. Purpose i am making this post is so that you guys can be aware of the fraud going on in certain companies and games that foreigners are playing on singaporeans.
Also for employers, you should also have a copy of a log file only you have access to, this will help when the HR lies about no singaporean applied for the jobs
Sorry for the wall of text



A friend of mine was retrenched for her last job when her company kept a PRC employee with a lower pay who worked shorter than she might be facing the same thing again in her current job. We are really worrying for her plight and outcome....really starting to feel grievance towards PAP supporters... Please kindly see what's happening to other less fortunate people around you despite your unaffected comfortable lives. I might be self-employed, living fine, no kids to worry for their future skyhigh-priced HDB flats but please see long term for the our country....Sg will be wiped out of locals in no time...
It's NOT that I have something against some of these hardworking foreigners who worked hard for themselves and their families. I have the utmost respect for these people, especially for our lovely neighbors, Malaysians, handy helpers such as the Filipino maids and such. BUT, the number for these FT is too LARGE that it affect the lives of local true blue Singaporeans. Of course it's natural that I look out for our own fellow people MORE than foreigners, so, SORRY that if you find me selfish because everyone is. Afraid of competition? Racism? Whatever you call it. 
I just wish I have my once lovely hometown back and not this which is over crowded with foreigners and made myself feel outnumbered and outcast-ed. It's my home! I'm just quite sure if this goes on...I will no longer feel it's home.

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