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Dearie's birthday at Park Regis Hotel - Full Review of Park Regis for 3 different staycations

It's hard to plan a birthday surprise especially when you see your hubby everyday....including the time when you work. >.<  I had to fish my credit card sneakily to book the room for his birthday eve and despite so, he kinda saw how I key in my credit card numbers in the midst of booking something and was as happy as a bird. Geez....I tried to act embarrassed and said, "Huh...the credit card is for my online shopping.....I never plan anything leh....sorry dear...lately really busy no time."

His face fell. "Orh............nevermind lah....we just go for a dinner lor...."


My acting not bad leh. Lol.

So after our work and supper, which was already very late, I had to wait for him to sleep before I can start packing. OH MY GOD, he only went to sleep at around 3+am....zzZzzz......and by the time I finished packing(simply too many stuff on my mind too), it was around 4+am. I was so tired, and I also thought it's kinda dangerous for me to put the stuff into his car boot at that I was like....arggghhhh......forget it la...he sees the holiday bag then sees it lahhhhh~

We're supposed to check in at 3pm and actually I intended for us to catch a high-tea at L'espresso, Goodwoodpark from 12pm - 3pm prior to checking in. BUT, I was simply too tired and overslept. And had to hurry both of us to bathe and get changed. He saw the packed bags anyway and was happy as a bird.

"Dear, you planned something for me righttttttt?"

"Ya la ya la...since you saw liao.... Dear!! *act excited and enthu* I've planned a surprise PICNIC at SENTOSA, we can go stroll along the beach lomantic lomantic and then head for a swim!! Dear, you love swimming isnt it?? I already pack your swimming briefs liao!" *SmileZ*

His face fell again.

SO FUNNY LAH!!! Wahahahahaha!!!

The thing is, he hates Sentosa and picnics and stuff(he knows I'm into it) BUT he does really likes swimming! So for a MOMENT, he indeed believed me(I think). LOL. However, logic got the better of him and he said, "Dear, it's going to rain. Need to change plan liao."


I think after my hilarious laugh, he also realized I couldnt have plan that for him since I know he's so NOT into picnics and such. It's a norm for us to have staycations, but he didnt know which hotel I book. Since he had to drive, he asked for the address, and I said 23 merchant road, thinking he wouldnt know where and was opening my "MAPS" app to direct him. Stupid lor could he not know....and he said, "Hee.....Park Regis huh?" I was like........"....ya la......."

ANYWAY, the boy was happy. FYI, it's super difficult to get him to smile properly for a picture. This is the most precious.

 The Room

The room is definitely not considered big but it's very cosy to me, to us. I like the concept of the open bathroom alot because sometimes I feel uneasy if the toilet is kinda far away and a big one on it's own. *Spooky* Oh if you love bathtubs then sorry this doesnt come with one. It comes with rain shower, which is also very shiok! =) 

Oh....I have to say the TV channels are really PATHETIC. Thank god I bought my Lenovo along and using connection from my HP, we watched shows on my lappy while munching our tidbits. I love the bedsheets!!! So smooth and soft!!!! The pillows are very soft too, I might consider requesting for a firmer one for sleeping next time. 

The rooms are brilliantly designed so much so that ample space are saved; there are hidden drawers, hidden fridge, it's most amusing.  Wine glasses, wine opener, tea and saucers, hair-dryer, ironing board, safe etc. I love the floral carpets too. Although there isnt a proper dressing table, the surrounding mirrors are great for makeups; you can sit on the bed to do your makeup by turning to the left for the mirror. By the way...I love this comfy and thin long t-shirt with sweet pink florals and Eiffel towers!! Only S$10 from bugis village. *love*

The toiletries are of good quality and leaves both your hair and skin feeling great. However, I dont like the scent very much. If you're particular with scents then it's better to bring your own. 

It was lovely and damn shiok! Quite cold though and it was a pity we cant swim, partly because it was simply too cold and we kinda overslept also. HAHA! 

The main reason why I chose Park Regis was that dearie mentioned he wished to have the grilled cod from The Pump Room, Clarke Quay for his dinner on his birthday eve. Park Regis is walking distance to CQ and is a relatively new and charming hotel. FYI, for Park Regis, check-in time is 3pm while check out is 12pm. This is our 3rd staycation at Park Regis.

During our 1st stay, as the hotel was super new then, they had some hiccups and it wasnt until 5.30pm that we're allowed to check in; they did compensate with a slighter later check-out at 2pm(I think) plus an AWESOME complimentary dinner and drinks at Suite 23, their lobby restaurant, which includes soup, salad, 2 mains and dessert! (We paid for my lychee martini). Very yummy steak, I remembered! So overall, still a very pleasing experience!

The 2nd stay went smoothly without hiccups. Nothing out of the norm.

This time round, our 3rd stay, it was all great; the service was good too; reminded me of Fullerton's, where the receptionist actually walked us to the lift and pressed the buttons for the level we stayed. Of coz in comparison, the distance is much shorter, lol, but it's the sincerity and effort that counts. =) At checkout, another receptionist asked us how was our stay with affection. I had to tell her frankly it was all great until there was a neighbor guest who chatted animatedly with a laundry auntie early in the morning at 8am.

They spoke for more than 5minutes and it was full blown in our rooms. Being a light sleeper, I was already being awaken. Bearing no more, I opened my door and said to them, "Can you lower your volume please?" I dont remember whether I got a reply because I went back to bed immediately. They continued to chat audibly for around 1 or 2minutes more my horror....the laundry auntie came to press our doorbell asking for laundry. Dearie shouted "No" to her and she left.

As hotels were generally quiet in the rooms premises......we didnt have any problems with noise.  It wasnt until this episode that we realized actually their rooms are not very sound-proof. The receptionist, surprisingly, heard me out throughout and gave me a sympathetic and sorry apology. WOW, you know usually people just ask for feedback for the sake of asking, but I felt she was really listening. I just felt better already. Sometimes customers just simply wished to be heard. Oh well, it was just 1 unlucky morning. 

Yup, so the grilled cod at Pump always......his favorite. The prawns are starters, nice and fresh though nothing to scream about. He likes the dessert while I'm not one with a sweet tooth. 

After that we strolled around CQ and went Liang Court for some shopping of snacks to munch at night. We had Japanese crepes and it was niceeeee! Bought some Lychee Black Tea, Tea Voyage, from a pushcart. 

Very fragrant though more expensive than usual. A tin at S$28 with 20 teabags. But yeah, 1 teabag can make few cups of tea. has been such a long time since the "pator" feeling is back because we're always so busy....despite our effort to grab a nice dinner and movie now and then. Maybe because eventually you'll head home and there's always tons of housework and work to do.......... =(
It's just not the same when you're on a staycation. =D It simply feels different and wonderfullllllll. =)  I miss going overseas......will definitely try to arrange one soon....else I'm going berserk soon...

Bought tiramisu from FourLeaves, Liang Court, to act as his birthday cake. Haha. I had 1 too. 

Happy birthday my dear...........smuacks!!! 
Sincerely wishing all the best and only the best for you........and hope that we'll always be happy together........ =)

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