Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Alldealsasia: Review of Salav Steam Mop STM401


One of my favorite coupon sites is because so far all the deals which I've purchased from them did not  disappoint me. So far, I bought my Clarisonic Mia from them at S$100(Awesome deal!) which includes courier, as well as some other spa stuff which are okay. What I really really like is their customer service(via email). Replies are usually prompt, polite and they really do listen to feedbacks and think for their customers, as they always try to make sure the products they carry are of good quality. And so far the tangible products which I bought through them, the suppliers all have very prompt delivery. 

This is a small excerpt of our email conversation. I was enquiring about the Salav steam mop
 and the customer service has mistaken it to be another brand of steam mop instead.


Hi Fion,

Thank you for your interest in our deal!

We are not selling this deal anymore as the merchant provided products of poor quality. In case of better quality steam mop deals in the future, we will inform you.

Thank you for supporting All Deals Asia!


Suvrata Mohapatra (Ms.)
Marketing and Operations
T: +65 62962655

Hi Fion,

The deal I was referring to in my previous email is a different deal, namely the X5 Steam mop, which we already took off the site. Sincerest apologies for my error!

The Salav steam mop is available for purchase, and it is in fact of good quality. You may purchase it on this link :

Apologies for the error and inconvenience.

Thank you for your interest in our deal!

Warmest Regards,


I'm very impressed that they actually do consider the quality of the products which they feature in their site. And not selling them blindly, just to earn the commission from consumers. Thumbs up!!
NOT like who only wants to earn profit, after-sales customer service SUCKS BIG TIME. I had a very experience once because they sold a very misleading manicure deal by DenizNailz and they didnt even bother to reply me an apologetic email! I actually called DenizNailz and the boss himself, Deniz is actually pretty polite and accommodating. So the actual problem lies with, who DELIBERATELY MISLEADS people to buy their deal by their ambiguous deal details. Never buy another deal from them again!

Okie, back to the Review of Salav Steam Mop STM401:

  • Heats up in just 45 seconds
  • Converts water into steam to deodorise, sanitise and clean surfaces
  • Removes dirt and grime in a matter of seconds
  • Eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and allergy-causing dust mites
  • Can be used for diversiform floors and special carpet types
  • Flexible for easy operation
  • 5 meter power cord
  • Water tank capacity: 350ml
  • 2 year warranty
There is also a video to showcase the product.

To cut the long story short;

- Requires little effort to push it around the house; i.e, it's not heavy
- Cleans reasonably well in relatively short time. Floor is clean and smooth
- Looks more expensive than it really is and is of acceptable quality
- Automatically switched off when water ran out in tank
- Heats up extremely fast - i.e, able to start mopping in less than a minute after water is poured into tank

- Power chord too damn short, only 5metres. 
Thank god I have power supply in every corner of my house, otherwise it's impossible to mop the whole house. For my whole house of 100sq metres(furnitures does matter too), I think I changed like 6-7 times, dont quite remember. And everytime I change, the hot steam will stop for like 20seconds before it resumes. 

- Need to refill water tank of around 3-4 times for the whole house

- Does not remove stubborn stains or dirt. The pad does not hold hair or any debris at all. So it's essential to vacuum floor before mopping(which I did, but some hairs here and there is inevitable). 


I'm still very glad I bought it because it requires much lesser effort than traditional mops or Scotch-brite mops. I wont be super overly tired after mopping. And for this, because pushing it around is a breeze without straining the back, dearie can use it too. So he can help me with mopping if required. It cleans better than traditional mops too. No need for buckets, or umpteen times of washing the mop/Scotch-brite pad.


This mop is very suitable for old and frail people, like me, who dont have a very strong back and suffers backaches now and then. Because it doesnt stress the back and is a breeze to be pushed around.

This mop is more suitable for small houses, like mine, but make sure you have power supply in every corner. For big houses, forget it. You can plug unplug plug unplug plug unplug plug unplug until you die~

For the fibre pads, I've emailed  to check already. It's around S$16 for 2 and you can buy from them. They're located at tradehub.

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Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. Everything is 100% my honest and truthful opinion. =)


  1. hi there mate can i ask u if it's good for cleaning walls and ceilings? i have a small apt and i m trying to reach the hard tor each/tall places above w.o breaking my back.

    as this is like $159 (still an expensive investment) i am not sure if i shud get it or not and what other surfaces i can use it on...

    can you pls write to me at


    1. Walls and ceilings??? I dont think so! It's not handy enough to do that.

  2. hi kaori is it still good to use for you? No reviews available except for yours, is it easy to maintain and how is the quality?

  3. Yeah. I still use it regularly. I had ditched my traditional and scotch-brite mop which are very tiresome and troublesome to use. =) The quality is pretty good and sturdy.

    You can use my link, for extra ADA$5 credits to offset purchases. Happy shopping. Heez!