Saturday, November 17, 2012

Just some thoughts

Good guys are really hard to find. Why do I say so? Actually I also dont know. =P

I guess.......the better ones with okay looks, okay job, okay income and fun personality have more than 1 girl liking them and they have CHOICES. So they might become picky, self-centered, selfish, egoistic, in varying degrees. The more jialat ones will simply take ALL girls who are interested.

And perhaps the not-so-good-looking ones, with so-so job, with not-so-high-income, with not-so-fun personality have lesser(or no) choices so they are very acceptable to any girl who is available. And actually that makes them as equally gross as the above mentioned because they dont FILTER.

Maybe because I've seen many bad guys? Maybe I cant say they're bad. But...I guess most guys simply fool around until they meet the one whom they will settle down with wholeheartedly. And you must be really really special to him to make him want to commit to you as their boyfriend and eventually propose to become your husband. Naturally, if a guy has lots of choices, he probably wont commit that easily. Some simply have that much ego that they have no lack of girls and they simply let girls who love them sit around and wait for them. Additionally, some are so desperate who takes anyone who comes their way. That, certainly, is not your ideal husband material. Unhygienic manz! =P

No matter males or females, they get wiser as they aged. For the females, most become more careful and cynical and especially skeptical after a few failed romances. And if they met a few jerks along the way, they will understand such bas*ards exist and some guys only want some rolling between the sheets. Thus they'll become wary and suspicious. And frankly speaking, these traits are not appealing to guys. To ANY guys, jerk or no jerk. So just try to curb them.

Older guys above 35 who are still single are usually among this few groups:

Out of 100% :
50% are...........
Eyes on the top of their head. Dont wish to settle down(so soon) even though their beer belly is showing and they're looking more and more uncle. Thinks they're so damn popular and able to find younger and prettier girlfriends than every existing girlfriend. Like common, DREAM ON. Go find foreign produce lah.

20% are.........
Just ended a relationship/marriage. So sorry to hear that.

10% are.......
Workaholics. Spent their lifetime working and are boring as hell

10% are..........
Shy. So shy. Reserved and have a miserable circle of friends. Probably a 宅男 cum mummy's boy. Common, get out of the house

5% are..........

5%  are.........

While usually, less complicated guys are mostly too young and not as mature as you. Probably dont earns as much too and it's hard, I understand.

So's always more difficult to find a proper guy to settle a relationship especially if you're over 30. Because females usually prefer guys who are older than them and out of these 100%, around 70% has something not right - assumption that half of the divorcees are victims. However, once you get into a relationship, it's not that difficult to settle down with a marriage, provided that the guy is generally a nice guy and does not belong to the very first category.

Frankly speaking, I never expect I'll get married, much less before 30. Due to some negative family influence, I seriously dont believe in marriage or eternal love. I'm too cynical for my own good. But I really thank god for letting me meet dearie and eventually have a very blissful marriage. Though I have to say there're obstacles along the way. One of my biggest flaws will be I have a formidable temper. Short tempered and impatient, I can get very irritated easily with the slightest fault. However, my most valued trait will be I'm pretty big-hearted and I bear no grudges. Any minor squabbles would be forgotten in a wink and slightly more serious quarrels would be erased with a word of "sorry". I'm very lucky to meet dearie who, despite his many flaws(like me) is blessed with very good temper and is probably the most patient man on earth. We adore our freedom and we're perfectly fine with a non-clingy partner. However, nobody is perfect. Like all guys, he is too, one who's afraid of marriage.

And maybe I'm just traditional. Or simply too naive for my own good. I still prefer a guy to only like 1 girl, date 1 girl, woo 1 girl, and eventually get together with that one and only girl. But dearie is no angel too. While he was dating me, he's also dating other girls. So I was also very wary and cynical then so I took rather a long time to decide whether to accept him eventually after he declared himself(of course he stopped other datings). Actually I also didnt take very long to decide lah. 11months only mah! Haha no lah just kidding....the first 6 months I was actually attached. We were just hanging out as PURELY friends then. Anyway, 日久见人心! Yaya, I know guys always say they "date" because they wanna know about the girl's personality. Okok reason accepted. But really the world is so unfair. A guy dates many girls then is because he wanna know the girls' personality. But when a girl dates many guys, she's a flirt, she's a slut. Why like that??

Anyway, I'm like all girls(after a changed mindset upon meeting dearie), prefer to settle down before 30 as I'm so afraid I'll get dumped at some undesirable age and know....get stranded. Really, I hate such guys. I heard many stories and okay fine, if the fault lies with the female then okay, they have the reason/excuse. IF NOT, they're simply wasting the youth of our desirable comrades. To females, youth is almost next to everything.

Females have shell life, no matter how much you dont wish to admit it. Maybe you can relax and go with your "heart" before 25. But if you're above 25, I plead you, open your eyes BIG BIG and find a suitable partner who have the intention to settle down. He might not have it, like all guys, but at least dont find 1 who is too wild and too ego, for your own good. Lastly, remember, to make him propose to you and want to spend the rest of his life with you, make sure there's a catalyst.

It's something very simple.

If you're doing EVERYTHING that a girlfriend does for her boyfriend, then why should HE make YOU his girlfriend???
If you're doing EVERYTHING that a wife does for her hubby, then why should HE make YOU his wife???

- Dont let him thinks he's your only choice. Let him know you have many other choices(even if you dont have)

- Dont let him dictate your lifestyle, your thoughts and your freedom. Because he's no one but a friend.

- Dont place too much emphasis on him and revolve around him. You're the most important.

Think about it.

You're special and you're worth it!!

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