Saturday, November 17, 2012

My gorgeous mint green casing for Note 2

Alice recommended me this seller Rosagreen at (gmarket) who sells good quality phone casings.  And indeed I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase.

It's of superior quality, not heavy, flat and lean so it does not make the Note2 overly bulky in it. The mint green is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!  It's like I can never get sick looking at it. The top of the casing has holes so you can answer calls with the cover closed. There are also 3 card slots. Paid a nett of around S$17.50 after topping up S$2.50 for registered mail. Normal mail is complimentary. Diary casings like such will retail at least S$28.

I did online purchase via debit card but weirdly enough the order didnt appear in my history.  Since my account wasnt debited when I checked it few days ago, I thought the order didnt went through. But today the parcel was being couriered to me by the seller itself, like maybe after 1week after the order was placed. I assumed the seller only proceed after she receives money.  So I would say delivery is still very prompt!

Since then, I started using paypal instead, just that need to top up 50cts extra for admin fees lo. #/^&^$#!/
You can download qoo10 SG app for both iphone or android phones. Warning: Shopping is extremely addictive

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