Friday, November 9, 2012

Samsung Note 2, you're finally mine!

*Removes cobwebs from the site*

Ahem~! It has been so long. What have I been up to?

Finally got my Samsung Note 2!! Am very happy. =D Totally no regrets for changing from my iPhone 4.

And FYI, I seldom intentionally go change phone before my contract is up. I dont know why I'm so drawn to Note 2, perhaps the specs impressed me and fortunately it didnt disappoint me. As I was saying, it was practically sold out everywhere and I was pretty lucky to find it. Bought it at R.P S$998. After selling off my 8months old iPhone 4 at S$470, technically, it costs me around S$500. Which is not too bad I guess.

It's so much more flexible and conventional than iPhone except the cons will be, it reacts slightly slower and battery life is shorter. Love the big screen, the camera, just everything! Loving this app right now, call Gtunes music downloader which allows me to download any music and tracks goes right to my existing playlist where I can play repeatedly. It also have alot of motions which is pretty cool but doesnt work 100% of the time. Maybe 70%?

Actually it has been a whirlwind of events right after I was discharged from hospital.

Oct was truly a month of events.

Angi's Hen's Night

Brother's wedding

Dan & Angi's wedding

Jia's wedding

Irene's baby Vera's 1 year birthday shower

Dearie & me 4th year wedding anniversary (Update soon)

But I'm simply too tired and lazy to update them all, especially when few pictures were taken and the very few which were taken(by my ex iPhone 4) were blur. They became worse when I uploaded them from my Note 2(pictures transferred from iPhone4). Arrghhhh!!

Btw, if you're like me, who is a convert from iPhone to Samsung Android phones and need to transfer all your messages, contacts, calenders and pictures. simply back up your existing iPhone with iTunes then download "The easy phone sync" PC version on to your PC and also "The easy phone sync" app version in your Samsung Note 2. Sync them and tadah, you'll get back all your message history and simply everything. =)

It's time iPhone stop hogging and dictate their users with their selfish and uncompromising attitude.

And I cant say how much I really appreciate the "back" button on Note 2. Like common, I suddenly realized it was so foolish and dumb to use a phone without a back button all this while!! Not that I'm condemning iPhone, but well...........let's just say my life is much easier now. I might talk about the pros and cons of Samsung Note 2 if I have the time........also need time to explore more. =)

Recently, being very caught up with 2 series, namely,

电视剧《画皮》凌潇肃、薛凯琪、李宗翰、陈怡蓉 (China Production)

Initially I thought the story would be something like the movie starred by Chen Kun, Zhao Wei and Zhou Xun, as in, clear cut and expected but the series is somehow filled with more contents and twists. It's not very fast-paced but definitely not slow. Not bad. Like 陈怡蓉's acting very much and Fiona Sit is pretty cute!


雷霆掃毒 Hong Kong TVB production, by Michael Miu, Raymond Lam, Kate Tsui and Ella Koon.
And Yes, we all(my colleagues) agreed that Kate Tsui cant act~ ZzzzZzz She reminds me of that girl in Twilight? The b* who 2-timed the bf, yes, the one whose face dont have expressions but always have a h*rny look. Like her, Kate loves to pout her lips 24/7. ZzzzZzz. Everytime the camera switch, she'll have tears running down her face which I'm so sure it's eye drops lor. Otherwise tvb shows usually is 1 take from no tears to tears falling down, as with all the other veteran actors/actresses. 

I'm still in the midst of watching the former which has 34 episodes but had finished the latter which has 30 episodes. Lousy ending


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