Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Olio Cafe @ Lot 1

Crayfish & Crab claw meat pasta in sambal eggy sauce. 
Generous chunks of crab meat with 1 piece of crayfish. Yummy! Crayfish was fried before being tossed in the sauce. Although not super tender, does have a fragrant smell with crispy exterior. Nice~ S$15 odd.

Seared cod fish with garlic fried rice(instead of mushroom rice, top up S$1)
Nice big portion of cod at just S$16 but the sauce tastes a little odd. It doesnt tastes like cream just tastes fishy and weird. And fish roe? Da-match. 

Chocolate lava cake with icecream.
Not bad. But I dont really have a sweet tooth so both the chocolate and icecream is still alittle too sweet for me. However, for the price, S$6.80, it's a nice cake which oozes chocolate lava. 

Customer service is good. Water gets re-filled again and again without being asked. Standard Chartered cards has 15% discount. 

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