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*Updated* Review of Clarisonic Mia

Updated Review after 6months: on 2nd April 2013  (Initial Review below)

Somehow, friends around me have been raving about Mia's awesomeness and I tried to use it more frequently despite feeling lazy about it; I have to spend few minutes running it about my whole face.

And I just realized; perhaps I might have used it the wrong way previously. I've been pressing it into my skin, thinking that's how it should be. That's wrong. Actually you just need to gently lay it against your skin, and rotate it slowly around your face. Apply a little pressure is enough. The bristles itself will do the cleansing. Oh dear....I might be using MIA too harshly on my skin so much so my pores enlarged the last time as I gorged the bristles into it my poor pores....=(

After I used it the right way, I suppose it's less harsh on my sensitive skin, I actually feel it's rather soothing and comfortable to use; it's like a massage. I use it with Organia - White Milk Facial Brightening Cream Cleanserwhich is a very rich foamy cleanser. They worked very well together. And just few weeks after all these routine...I use like once every alternate day instead of the previous once per week, my skin really got so much clearer. It's like even I looked closely at my pores, they're so clean. Pores didnt get larger, instead, they got smaller. Obviously, when you cleaned up the gunk in your pores, they will shrink as these dirt will expand your pores. Of course, I dont mean...wah...the pores suddenly shrink ALOT....I mean I did see an improvement la. Also, I realized my pigmentation marks also got significantly lighter despite not using any other scar fading products. Even friends said my complexion improved, but actually I'm just using Mia more frequently than before, and of course, in the right way.

I might buy a new brush head for sensitive skin. I kinda heard you need to change the brush head every 3months. Hmm....wonder is that true...or is that necessary?

Blogged on 12th Aug 2012:
Actually I bought this quite sometime back. Just that I havent had the chance to try it because my face was sensitive with all the outbreak. Heard that it was very popular with all the beauty junkies. Jen uses it, Angi and Von both bought it from U.S where they are cheaper. Initially I wasnt keen to get it because I feel it might be harsh on the skin and enlarge my already-super-big pores. Until I saw Suzi's review on it and she said "Clarisonic totally changes my life." Wow! That's quite a statement. So I googled about it and managed to get Clarisonic Mia at S$100 including courier delivery here.(Disclaimer: I hold no responsibility whatsoever on their credibility) I got mine in lovely tangerine. =D The deal came with 1 year warranty and a sample size of their hydro cleanser.

Clarisonic's retail price is S$249 in Sephora(exclusive in Singapore), US$119 excluding shipping at their offical website, so this is quite a good deal. Von bought her Clarisonic Mia 2 in U.S for US$139. Clarisonic Mia 2 is quite the same as Mia, just that it has 2 speeds. Mia only has 1 speed and stops every minute. Simply press the button again to start/stop. Basically, it claims to clean the skin 6times better than simply using hands alone. Especially when you're doing double-cleansing after removing makeup. What's special about it as compared to cleaning your face with a sponge or brush is that it has a rotating brush head which do it's job on it's own, totally wireless and most importantly waterproof. First charge it for 24hours before using, wash your face with your cleanser and with the foam still on your face, gently run MIA over your face for few minutes before washing off. Note: you need a universal charger.

Initial Review: on 12th Aug 2012
On first use, my skin immediately looks clearer, brighter and I caught a slight sheen on my nose which denotes radiance. Which isnt super surprising for me because using a good purifying mask also gives that kinda effect. But when I looked closer into the mirror, what truly amazes me was that my blackheads were 90% gone. Still left some tiny ones at the corners of the nose though. My nose has never look so clear before and I'm overjoyed! I began to use MIA everyday once, during double cleansing after removing my makeup as I dont wish any makeup residue to possibly remain on my skin. However, after using just 2-3days, I realized my pores got larger, despite applying toner after every cleansing. Having combination skin, especially with an oily T-zone, naturally I already have bigger pores and when I said they became larger, it was truly upsetting!

I then decide MIA is an excellent tool to clean up your pores and blackheads especially for people like me who dont do facials. A worthy investment, it acts like a spring-cleaning device which you can use once a week or every fortnightly(like how you use Biore Pore Pack) but certainly not everyday if you have big pores like me. Also, people with very thin and sensitive skin are not advised to use it too frequently too as it's still considered abrasion on the skin, no matter how gentle it claims. Instead, saturate cotton wool with toner and wiped it gently across the face as a very mild exfoliation and cleansing after makeup-removing.

While I'm here, I recommend this purifying mud mask, Poretol Cleanser Pack, which I've been loving.

Dont quite remember the price but it should be below S$25. It clears up the skin pretty well of the impurities and didnt not break me out. Has a refreshing, minty smell/feel. It doesnt leave my skin overly dry and tight after 10mins nor after I washed it off. And it's very easy to wash off. Still, I usually use a Konjac sponge to wash away facial masks. Mine is a black, water-drop shaped, bamboo charcoal facial sponge, bought at around S$7+ at TheFaceShop. It's especially useful to wash off some stubborn facial mask without being too harsh on your face.

Biore pore pack is very very effective. If you don't feel so, either you don't have many black/white heads, or you're using it the wrong way.

Some tips on blackheads removing using B'iore pore pack
1) Use a facial scrub prior to pore pack to bring those blackheads to the surface. Don't use over gentle scrubs or those with too fine beads. Wash off with warm water

2) Rinse nose with warm water for few minutes to open up the pores. Then immediately apply pore pack. Make sure it adheres nicely with no air bubbles. Use dry towel to further press down the whole mask(can pinch your nose lightly) and to wipe off excess water on face

3) Wait till it's completely dry, very very dry before you peel it off from the top, tearing it down s-l-o-w-l-y. Don't simply peel it off shabbily.

4) Wash off residue with cold water and apply toner to close up pores. Apply pore minimizing essence.

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