Friday, April 19, 2013

Movie Review: Drug War & Reminiscence of old movie(online) 戀愛的天空

Caught this on youtube. I just seem to love old movies. =)

Movie title: 戀愛的天空
Ratings: 4/5
Funny and romantic.....I smiled to myself after finishing the show alone(dearie sleeping). It's really sweet(oh well it's a movie).

Love the song in the show too.

葉蒨文 - 女人的弱點

(Almost) Everyday, I will count my blessings. Whenever dearie make an effort to come fetch me, or buy me supper or a simple "miss you" message, will just make my day. I know, kinda silly right. Haha~ I know he can get so tired sometimes but he'll still try to spend time with me. Like how he caught a movie with me just now. So, a new movie review below. =)

Movie title: Drug War
Ratings: 3/5
Comments: It was okie...not very thrilling....kinda boring in the middle....and near the ending, there were quite a series of scenes that made me rolled my eyes so thoroughly...Ok might as well tell you, it's like the police and the bad guys were just standing there in the OPEN and shooting each other without trying to find something to block them.

I was whispering to dearie, "They never play counterstrike before meh? Where got chiong and stand in the open and shoot like that one? Of course must hide behind something whatttttt". Dearie's answer was classic, "This has nothing to do with playing counterstrike or not, this has got to do with got brain or not." Muahahahaha. My dearie so funny. 

  The ending kinda sucks too. Everybody dieeeeeees~ Okie, catch the show if you reallllllyyyy got nothing to do. 


Just now when I was walking through my basement carpark, I saw a man behaving sneakily. I was really peering him over until I saw him putting something on a car's windscreen. Upon seeing me, he fled as if he did something shameful. It was then that I realized it was a summon which he issued. Looking back at him, who already had his back to me, yes, there was this bulky "summon issue machine" in his hand.

"Fatimahs" nowadays no need wear uniform mehhhhhh??? He was in civilian clothing. I wish to take a picture of him but somehow he fled and simply disappear!

So desperate for fines until catch also catch like a sneaky thief like that mehhhhh??

Our government. Hng~

I thought the "hide in the bushes with camera" was classic; I saw once before during RAINY days and the poor officer still taking an umbrella while hiding in the bushes. So poor thing, he must be acting under orders to act like...this...... Oh well, I wonder what will be an encore. 

If really so hard up for fines, I really encourage them to act as civilians at bus stops and traffic lights and catch those smokers smoking instead!!! Really!!! I think that's really more meaningful. 2nd hand smoke causes cancer you know~ And there can be young children and babies at bus stops and traffic lights. It's so detrimental to their health.

I hate that time of the migraine haunts me non-stop...not to mention my backaches. =(

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