Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Movie(online): 狼牙 (Legendary Assassin)

Movie: 狼牙 (Legendary Assassin)
Ratings: 4/5
Comments: Chanced upon this movie by chance in youtube and boy was I impressed!! I've always know 吳京(Jacky Wu) is a great fighter but he was especially suave and charming in this show with his swift, tough and lethal kicks!!!! Absolutely eye-catching! Ever since Jet Li semi-retired, nobody seems to be able to replace him in my heart.....until him. HAHAHA. Like Jet, he practiced martial arts since young(6 years old) and he also won the championship in many national Wushu competitions, like 拳、槍、刀 at a tender age of 12. Dont you feel males who can fight so suavely are so damn cool and sexy....kekeke. Oh and he also co-directed this film, his first. Isnt him so talented? =P He looks so young with his boyish looks....but he's actually 43... Got a shock!

By the way, I should definitely mention the female lead too, Celina Jade, who impressed me with her fluent Cantonese and Chinese. She acted and fought fairly well(of course pale in comparison to 吳京). And please do watch till the end where you can hear her sing "曾經心疼"(Sally Yeh's song). It IS SO GOOD!!! Sally is great in this song but Celina really showed her style and power in this new remix version(below). And I loveeeee it very very very much. Has been looping it in my laptop and hp!!

曾經心痛 - 葉蒨文 (original) 
     編︰RICKY HO


     管它地久天長 只要曾經擁有

     這些道理我懂 可是真正面對

Please just listen to this song. You probably cant believe this is sang by a mixed blood; she's a half Chinese, Spanish, French, English and American Indian. And after googling about her, I then realized she's a model, actress, singer, songwriter(WOW!) and martial artist(Cool!) who work in Hollywood films. Not only she's drop dead gorgeous, this young lass got a good head on her shoulders and also graduated with first class honors for her Management degree in London.

I simply wish these 2 super talented artists all the best in their future endeavors and would love to see more of their works!!

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