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Review of SONY DSC-HX10V camera

Good friday it was!! It had been a great and long weekend for me! Hope it was the same for you!

o_O So shag out! Dearie hadnt been feeling well for the past few days so he had been mostly resting at home other than having some meals and movies together with me. He wasnt thatttt sick but merely need to retire early and wake up late. And during his resting time, I spent my time with my friends, much to dearie's slightlyyyy grumpy displeasure. But of course he's merely sulking in a kidding(and kiddish. Haha) way. I'm very glad I didnt married a possessive, clingy and needy boyfriend. =D 

To sum it up, had a few chill-outs pubbing sessions with my friends, a dimsum buffet brunch at Mouth Kitchen(PS) which was not bad but not outstanding either, billard(so happy! Haven play for ages!) as well as clubbing just on Saturday. We went Aquanova and then round 2 to Powerhouse. Reached home at 6+am. It has been ages since I clubbed(didnt even know boiler closed down. HAHA) and it has been foreverrrrrr since I'm home that late!! Or early, you can say. =P

Thankfully no hangover or headaches on Sunday, which was spent fully with my honey.

As I mentioned, I got a new camera;  SONY DSC-HX10V in white and everytime I got a new toy, I was pretty enthu to use it(for a while.....). Haha. 

SONY DSC-HX10V in white

But sometimes I'm simply too lazy to bring it out or just lazy to take it out to snap. I guess I'm just not very into camwhore bah. And here's some pictures during the last clubbing session on Sat. I know I should have snapped more for the previous ktv-pub/brunch sessions but I simply forgot about it when drinking and ktv and food came in. =P

I have to say I know nuts for photography and cameras. I know it's not a fair comparison of it with my old Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5, which although is a 2-3years old model BUT of a higher end........

My old Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5

BUT.....simply...for a conclusion....I feel Lumix LX5 takes much sharper pictures most of the time in the day where there is bright light BUT for night pictures, my current SONY DSC-HX10V does a better job with or without flash; namely using it's ISO mode(under "scene") or Soft High-key mode(under "program") which means "Shoots warm fresh shots emphasizing the bright areas". Lumix's pictures are mostly blur and grainy in dim lights without flash and even picture-editing cant help. I've tried all simple modes in "scenes" or "program"(but I admit I dont know how to use Exposure/Aperture mode). On the other hand, it's pictures with flash wash out most colours; so much so I always look like a GHOST in it's flash shots. 

This is one example; taken in flash with Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5

Ghost sightings spotted during lunar 7th month.....Haha
Old pic during my Aug birthday(which is really 7th lunar month. =P)

I definitely did not edit myself to look like a ghost. But because I'm such a klutz in picture editing and I'm not one with patience(sometimes anyhow edit), I ended up posting ghostly pictures of myself or rather not posting them at all. 

By the way, I dont wear any lip colour for all my pictures; they're usually pinkish or slightly red on their own. But apparently, colours get washed out in Lumix's pictures but instead get more contrast in Sony's pictures.

Taken using SONY DSC-HX10V with flash. Pic is brightened minimally(low or medium) with Photoscape.
Still the same pizza face...but at least I look human.....? I dont really know alot about picture editing; usually using "brightening"(brightens whole picture in low/medium/high), "sharpening"(power 1-13) and "blooming"(low/med/high - brightens up area with light only, which is we human, with warm glow)

All pictures taken with flash.

However........with or without flash pics.....SONY DSC-HX10V's pictures needs to be sharpen considerably. They're not blur, just not super sharp. Photoscape is a amazing software for sharpening. Maybe it's raw format is acceptable to some people but I'm quite a perfectionist. I like bright and super sharp pictures and colours true to picture. If they're blur or grainy, I wont even post them. My dress is this exact moss green with chrome gold details. My lips, pinkish on it's own and my hot pink head cushion...I'll say the colours are pretty true to pic without much editing. On the other hand, pictures taken with Lumix in dim lightings/night without flash are totally not editable even with Photoscape because they're too blur/grainy. 

Some pics below taken at Aquanova. The place is far too noisy to even play games, much less normal conversation. Drinks and food both too expensive. We shared a bottle of premium vodka; Belvedere, costing S$268 to waive off cover of S$25 per pax. Do bargain. Initially, the bouncer only allowed to waive off 4 pax but I cajoled persuaded him to let us waive off 7. Only free 2 mixer. We didnt have a good table too(maybe because we're late...around midnight) to watch the performance at all; we're at the back. Sigh. Probably wont go there again despite the performances are not bad. 

Oh initially I wondered why is there bunny hair bands on the table.......then realized it was Easter....

With Iv............who was emo when someone didnt turn up....haha

See the tiny, skinny bottle of was gone within hours. 

Was glad Cel was out to join us...... Initially she did not want to join because we drank quite a lot just the previous night at Shido and Love Drunk. Hee! But it was also very fun!

With Ter....who insisted plunking on me...........

New friend on the left, Ling. The moment she laid eyes on Ter hor, LOL, I think there's FIRE in her eyes. Muahahaha. When Cel was introducing, I was actually sitting next to Ter(in between both of them) and she totally treated me invisible siah~ Bypass me to shake his hands. Hahaha Anyway, I was far too intuitive and asked her if she knew Ter previously and true enough, she is Ter's secondary school friend or something. However, he didnt recognize her while she said he didnt change one bit.

How unfair. Guys always stay the same while we girls..............sigh.................

My hair cui already........I've stopped curling them....because the curls from the previous perm is almost now they're neither straight nor wavy.......just a mass....of........hay..... =( But I probably cant rebond them soon too..... =~(

I realized I have quite a number of gay you-know-who~
I'm kidding of course. Lol

Under 18 cannot see.

Pretty Amanda came late! But thank god she came!! =D
Jov last minute caught up with something and cant come then Amanda said she's kinda sad. I was emo that she last minute cant come too!! Haha has been a long time since we clubbed!


Cel left shortly because she wasnt feeling well. =(
I think she just cant drink much because she still had the hangover.......
Actually it was me who pulled her along one...because I felt like clubbing. =X

OMG.....Amanda's face is so small! See my pizza face beside her. *faints*

Eventually left 4 of us who adjourned to Powerhouse. It was very very fun!!
We shared a bottle of Hennessy at S$200 and drank till drop!
Ter introduced a new game and it's was sooOoOOo funny.
Jio me drink and I'll tell you. =P 
Amanda was so high that she dragged me onto the stage!! We did dance awhile before I wanted to get down.........too paiseh la.....just dont like the spot light. But more because I scared I fell down. Muahahaha!

Just discovered a filter(region-out of focus) "sepia" in Photoscape. I like the effect. Hee! Maybe I should spend some time to explore the functions.....hmmm........ Somehow.....SONY captured the sparkle in my eyes........oh of my rare pics where eyes didnt shrink too much when I smiled........or worse......have big small eyes.......haiz...very cham lor me....

Anyway, I suppose there's always ways to correct the problems I faced when using Lumix other than photo editing......just that I dont know how to....... In any case, Lumix will be the spare camera if dearie and me go tour as his old Nikon camera is getting obsolete. Btw, SONY DSC-HX10V has 16x zoom while Lumix only has 3.8x zoom. I also realized SONY DSC-HX10V's 18.2MP pictures looks much sharper on it's LCD screen than on computers; a problem which I dont have with Lumix 10.1MP(except pictures taken in dim lightings/night). On the whole, I think SONY is more suitable for me because I seldom take pictures in the daytime. Most of the time at night. 

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