Monday, April 1, 2013

March 2013 Favorites

Neutrogena - Triple Moisture - Deep Recovery Hair Mask

Superb product. Best hair mask I've ever used. Makes hair super soft and smooth. Not oily.
Smells great. However not available in Singapore, have to purchase from
Much better than renowned brands like L'oreal, Keratase and it's only around S$15 I think, including shipping. Better to massage into hair rather than only applying on it. Leave on for few minutes before rinsing off.

No. 7 Protect & Perfect Eye Cream

I love anything Hypo-allergenic because so far, I've not experienced any breakouts/allergy with them. I dont have much of dark eye circles nor wrinkles but I do get faint shadows under my eyes when I dont have enough sleep. But usually they'll go away after a good night's sleep. Rather, I have 1 particular irritating line/wrinkle under my right eye which only appears sometimes in photos when I smile. Somehow, I realize it was gone now. This eye cream is light, hydrating and not too rich for me like the others which give me milia seeds. So I've been liking it so far although I didnt use it religiously.

Hmm....I got this at Bangkok Boots at Central Mall. I suppose you can ask people to buy for you. =P

Eyelash comb

I'm afraid I've thrown away the packaging....but I bought this in SASA for like around S$8?
It's very useful in separating top/bottom eye-lashes which clumped together with mascara because the comb teeth are made in metal. Plastic eyelash combs are totally inefficient. 

KilaDoll - Placenta Mask

To be frank, last time I used to keep supplies of mask and mask everyday. Hardworking right? But now dont know why, I'm simply very lazy. Now I mask like once or twice a week. And I like masks from KilaDoll which has a very thin and comfy texture which is OMG-soothing to the face. Really feel like sleeping whenever I had this on. Leaves skin hydrated and supple. 

Watson or Sasa has it.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Fond de teint gel foundation

I have it in 51 light vanilla, which is what I wore in the previous entry during clubbing at Aquanova. I wore it with Etude House - Precious Mineral Sun (loose) Powder, which was mentioned in my Feb monthly favorites as my to-date favorite loose powder. I love it's texture, neither too light nor too thick; it's in between liquid and gel, blends like a dream and feels lightweight on the face. That being said, it's coverage is low to medium at best, not really buildable so you cant use it to layer to cover flaws well especially if you have pigmentation marks/scars. You'll need a separate concealer. Which is quite..troublesome...because I dont own any concealer. Usually I'll just pile on some extra on any imperfections, but for this one....I still can layer on for more coverage but at very near distance, some of my marks can still be seen.

Heck la.........I just dont like to put concealer. Maybe I just haven meet the right one which blends seamlessly with the foundation/bb cream I had on. It's pretty lasting, as in it doesnt oxidise much though for long hours you'll need to touch up some powder. 

Lactacyd - Nourish; Moisturizing; Daily Feminine Wash

Ahh....what can I know...ah........
*Head supported sideways by palm* 
Hmm.....I just feel this works great and so much better than other feminine washes which I've tried. It's gentle and moisturizing....maybe I'm just sensitive through and through and I cant take harsh chemicals anywhere on my face nor body. So I love this. 

Organia - White Milk Facial Brightening Cream Cleanser

I have super duper sensitive face so it's difficult to find suitable cleansers. This, lathers extremely well and creates rich foams; which I think is very suitable to use with Clarisonic. You need lots of foams so that it's not harsh for your skin as ultimately you'll brushing your face. Despite being a cream cleanser, it's not very rich so I think it's still pretty suitable to use for all skin types. I believe using different cleansers at different times of the day because your skin cant be always dry or always oil. Oily skin have times when they are dehydrated and vice versa. Skin feels fresh, soft, smooth and not tight. Continuous use does makes my skin brighter I feel. 

Available at BHG/Johnlittle

Becky Russell - Cleansing body exfoliator - Citrus Ginger

Remember I mentioned in my Me My Elos(version 1) IPL Review that I will always shower-scrub-shave before using? Sometimes when I'm in a rush, this is great because it cleanses and scrubs at the same time; doing a very good job for BOTH and saves me TIME. The Citrus ginger gives a refreshing scent and is great for use in the day. 

Available at BHG, ALT beauty.

Powder Brush from Sephora
Which I use as a blusher brush. Haha! It does have some fall outs. Pretty soft, the size is just right for my cheeks and picks up the right amount of blush. I think it will do for contouring too. Just that it's abit bulky to bring out. I usually use it at home. Around S$35 from Sephora.

Bourjois Ombre a paupieres eyeshadow - 92 GRIS Pailettes
It's a baked eyeshadow - black with silver glitter
I always wonder why Bourjois baked eyeshadows are not popular. I reckon that people always try/use it by swiping it with the brush(dry). I'll tell you now Bourjois baked eye shadows MUST be used with a DAMP(not wet) brush. Just use it's attached brush, it's good enough. Once swiped with a damp brush, the colours come alive and can be 3-4 times more intense than using it with dry brush. This colour, when used with a dry brush, gives a dull black with some shimmers but when used with a damp brush, the black became very intense with depths, coupled with brilliant silver glitters. It's great for glam smoky eyes and clubbing nights out and it's super easy and effortless. Saves me so much time when people thought I spend hours on my eye makeup when actually I simply swiped them for like 2 seconds per eye. Of course, falsies is a must with this eyeshadow else you'll just look crazy. That being said, the glitters fall off pretty easily so dont sweep them unnecessarily. The colours dont stay on as long so you have to touch up. BUT, to date, I haven found an eyeshadow which is more lasting that gives the exact same intense and glam effect. 


Shills Rose Essential Deep Clarifier - 5 in 1
Contains beneficial aromatherapy oil bla bla

It made me break out BIG TIME and that's not all! It's like, I had an IMMEDIATE allergic reaction to it; my skin got all red, stingy and itchy and large angry pimples started popping out almost minutes later! It's most horrifying!! Initially I thought why it leaves a soapy residue on my fingers(I did used a cotton pad to apply on face) but really, this is simply nightmare to me. 

Hope you've enjoyed my March Favorites~~~~ =D

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