Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My favorite teeth whitening products

Firstly...I would like to say I DONT have startlingly white teeth which captures everyone's attention; like you know some people have teeth SO white that the moment you look at them, your gaze will be locked to their extremely white teeth. I saw 1 lady with amazing white teeth before which I cant help but stare. They're so white that they looked kinda artificial. You'll know she must have done laser whitening or some clinical procedures before. Frankly speaking, while the teeth are extremely nice, let's just say her complexion doesnt really quite match up to it. I then realize, when your teeth are wayyyyy too outstanding and amazingly white, it can make your complexion look less good because of the big contrast. But of course, if you have great skin then go ahead and whiten your teeth by laser or other aggressive clinical procedures! You'll look like a superstar!!

That's how I feel. Of course, you're entitled to your own views.

I dont have amazing white teeth, dont have amazing skin. I just thought they're...matching, in a way and well....acceptable to me. But I have friends asking me what I use to whiten my teeth or what is my favorite whitening toothpaste etc time to time again. My way is more economical and less aggressive as it takes longer time. Most of my girlfriends are far too rich and eager for results, haha, so most of them did whitening at dental clinics. I heard it can range from S$500-$800 or even more. It's actually pretty cheap to do in JB, so I heard..maybe S$300 or lesser. But then, I never fancy myself siting in a dentist's chair(my horror!!) and I dont like going for clinical procedures; it's just me. I still prefer to get whiter teeth in a "light-duty" way. I dont wish to get much whiter teeth overnight and have people coming to ask me what I've done.

Some background info FYI
I dont smoke.
I dont drink coffee. Tea, sometimes.
I brush my teeth once everyday after I wake up
Ever since I graduated from primary school(yes primary...eons ago...compulsory dental checks)....I've never let another dentist see my teeth.

Kinda gross huh~ Lol.

So the product which I use to whiten my teeth is the Crest Whitestrips.
The above comes with 20 strips at US$49.90. 
I kinda remember I used to buy 40 strips(another box, not available anymore) at about US$70.
Hmmm.........inflation.....maybe. I usually buy 2-3 boxes at 1 go to save on shipping.

It's not available in Singapore. You can get from U.S or order online from drugstore.com. Alternatively, join livejournal sprees to cut down on shipping. Maybe you'll feel they're not very cheap but I truly swear by them IF you use it the correct way. They're much cheaper than other clinical whitening methods. And I truly feel the results are comparable to clinical whitening methods, to which some of my friends had tried. Just that it takes a longer time.

Initially I wish to show some before-and-after-pics to convince of the effectiveness of my favorite products. But because every picture of me alone taken at different locations under different lightings etc, might be an inaccurate conclusion. So I wanted to post pictures where I was with my bunch of friends, which should be the best way to show how does the shade of my teeth fare. In some instances, I even thought of the perfect way by proving the effectiveness of the products, for e.g, by showing a group picture few years apart. Like, for e.g, once upon a time, my teeth was less white than Miss A but after I've used my favorite products, my teeth are whiter than Miss A.

But...after thinking for a sec, I think if I put up group pictures and shamelessly show that my teeth is whiter, it is pretty anal, insensitive and rude! Girls are pretty sensitive and my girl friends will definitely hate me! Lol....so...well...no pictures! But no pictures also not convincing huh~ Alright, maybe just 1. Guys are not that sensitive. :P I seldom take pictures with a bunch of guys...this might be the 1 and only pic. Sorry no choice.

This was taken last Aug, 2012
Normal toothpaste but on monthly maintenance of Crest Whitestrips.

Simply stick the strips to both your upper and lower set of teeth, wait for 30minutes, peel off and rinse your mouth. Sounds easy? Not that easy actually. A friend bought it after I told her this is what I use. She only use once and twice and then gave up. Why?

First experience
You might feel uncomfortable because you're not used to it. Crest WhiteStrips has changed from an older version. The older version works better actually; whitens even better, but in a way, more potent. The strips also shift more easily on the teeth because of it's gel surface. As time advances, saliva will accumulate and you feel you have a mess in your mouth, which can be quite unbearable to some people, for e.g, my friend. Now that it's the newer version. It sticks pretty well, doesnt shift easily. Less potent, more acceptable to people with sensitive teeth.

1) Use it when your mouth is dry or as dry as you can have them(not after having drinks or brushing your teeth)

Saliva will starts to accumulate in your mouth as time advances and these saliva will create discomfort in your mouth and may cause the strips to shift. SO,

2) Keep your tongue close to the BACK of your lower set of teeth. Let your tongue stays there. They will "guard" any saliva which comes to the front of your mouth and get "mixed" with your strips.

3) Swallow any saliva which accumulates in your mouth. Since they dont get "mixed" with the strips(which contains whitening ingredients), it's safe to swallow.

4) Consistency is the key for every beauty regime.
For the first 2 weeks, do it intensively once everyday for 30minutes. If you dont have sensitive teeth like me, sometimes I put up to 35mins for each treatment. If you have sensitive teeth, put for shorter time like 20minutes instead of 30.  However, remove immediately if you feel any "stinging" feeling.

5) You can continue to do it intensively everyday until you get your desired results. But of course stop if you feel your teeth starts getting sensitive. After you achieved your desired results, then reduce to maybe once per week, once per month etc.

6) Avoid food/drinks which might stain teeth if you're on treatment. Like red wine, coffee etc.

I achieved a whiter set of teeth in a span of maybe 3 to 5months. Dont quite remember. Because I did not use it everyday. I started using once everyday for like 2weeks...and then reduce to once every 3days, so on and so forth. Subsequently, I've realized I can no longer whiten my teeth further(no significant results anymore)...and I'm also satisfied with it....so eventually I use it as maintence like maybe once a month or just before any special events, like weddings etc.

Taken in Jul 2011....,my hair was short then. Was on fortnightly maintenance of Crest White Strips
Like I say, different lightings. Difficult to judge accuracy. But I'm fairer than this shade actually.

But I myself feel the results are pretty lasting, if you care to believe me.

Please note that these strips have EXPIRY DATE. FYI, I dont brush BEFORE or AFTER the treatment because I tried once and my teeth bled. Somehow I had the sensitive stinging feeling too IF I brush my teeth before or after the treatment. But whilst I was using it and even after using it, my teeth did not get more sensitive. Which is something positive, as my friend told me after her laser whitening, her teeth got so sensitive even with iced water. And, Crest Whitestrips actually works better on neat sets of teeth because you need to stick the strips onto your teeth and naturally, a neater set of teeth can ensure better adherance, and hence higher efficiency. I dont have perfect teeth(never did braces before)....but I guess so long so your teeth is not mostly, overly crooked, then it's fine.

Actually I've stopped using it for quite a long time(more than half a year)...I just forgot about using it or simply lazy to order it online. But I guess my teeth are ok because I dont smoke or drink coffee etc. In fact, I tend to stick to white wine thereafter. I seldom drink red wine nowadays unless at weddings.

So in place of Crest White Strips, I've been trying out many whitening toothpastes. You need to brush your teeth everyday anyway, no matter you want to whiten them or not. I wish to get an effective one which is easy available in Singapore. But disappointingly, so far none gave significant results. Until I tried this.........

Sensodyne Whitening, Repair and Protect

This is a new product I think and I just started using it like months ago. I feel it whitens pretty well(though of course not as significant as Crest White Strips). I say, you can see a difference after just 1 tube. What's more, it's good for sensitive teeth because the toothpaste turns warm when gets in contact with your teeth! How amazing!! The bad side is it probably costs 3times more than a regular toothpaste(my favorite darlie, orginal). It costs around S$8.50 for a small tube and sharing it with dearie probably cant lasts us more than.....3 weeks? Even though we only brush once everyday. Dont know, it seems to finish up so much faster than our regular toothpaste. =( The best promo I've seen is S$5 per tube and I always grab up to a dozen at 1 go. =P

Most recent pic(true to real life) after using Sensodyne Whitening, Repair and Protect for just few weeks.

I've tried other brands which are as expensive as S$20+ per tube(that's the max I'm willing to go. But bigger tube though) and I still feel Sensodyne is better. =)

Please DONT try this. Waste of money. Does not whiten at all.

Feel free to share your favorite whitening toothpastes/products(if any)!! =)
Thanks for reading............


  1. I've tried Colgate and it's really effective most especially if you have regular oral cleaning routine. Keep blogging and keep sharing! Have a nice day.

    1. Lol. The way you put it is so funny; you sounded as if I dont brush my teeth regularly. Lol. I do brush every morning! Maybe Colgate just didnt work well on me. =)

  2. Nope hun, sorry to make you feel that way. Because before I tried using Colgate without flossing and stuff and it doesn't work the way it worked right now with regular oral cleaning routines. :)

    1. No frets~ I admit I'm a lazy bum who dont floss, dont use mouthwash or go to dentists.
      But, at least I DO brush my teeth everyday. LOL.

      Wow, imagine if you use Sensodyne Whitening, Repair and Protect, I'm sure you will have even better results!

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