Monday, April 29, 2013

April 2013 favorites

Quick entry. I'm flying overseas soon. =)

SUNPLAY SPF 60+ PA+++ Water kids: 
Mild & Gentle, Hypo-allergenic

My skin is getting drier; aging skin. (=.=)''''' I was more of oily to combination previously...but now I think I'm just combination to normal or simply normal with slightly oilier t-zone. Instead of using my usual Biore sebum control sunscreen(white bottle), now I switch to this; a more hydrating formula. The higher SPF doesnt hurt too. Hydrating, cooling, still pretty light(not oily), doesnt feels heavy on skin or under makeup. Hypo-allergenic, does not make me break out. Easy on the pocket too. Watson has it.

Mini hairclips from Mini.bits(Korea)

I supposed they're considered beauty items too since they do a part in creating hairstyles. I usually grab a small portion of hair on top, twist it lightly into a "puff" and secure with a mini hair-clip behind. We call it the curry-pok hairstyle too. Haha. It helps to create volume so as not to let the hair look flat, and you can also look taller! These are pretty good quality clips and have a good grip. I feel they're quite on par with HELEN's and what's more, they're only S$3+ each. I've dropped a couple of times actually, thank god, they didnt break

Garnier, Pure 3in1 Wash, Scrub, Mask

This works great as a scrub as well as a purifying mask. Leaves skin feeling polished and clean. However, I dont use it as a facial wash; i.e, I dont use it when my face is dirty because I dont feel safe scrubbing my face all over with it's dirt. Leaves a very refreshing and minty feeling too. 

Marc Anthony 2nd day Clear Dry Shampoo (Spray)

Basically, being a hygiene freak that I am, naturally I prefer washing my hair in the traditional way, with water. BUT, when I'm rushing for time especially just for a casual, short lunch out with dearie in the neighborhoods, this is great. You simply spray it into your scalp and hair and it's amazing how clean and fresh your scalp feels after that. And your hair simply looks cleaner, less dull with a bit of shine. It doesnt weigh your hair down further, although there's a limit to how full your hair can look when it's unfresh(unless you have a hell lot of hair). It doesnt leave any powdery residue behind(which you need to massage in, for some other dry shampoos). And it doesnt feel like there's any residue on your scalp too. For my oily and sensitive scalp, I did not feel any irritations at all. Light fragrance which doesnt lingers. It will be great if they can come up with a smaller bottle for portability. 

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Jelly SPF 30 PA+++

Initially I use this for face but I was kinda sensitive to it so I used it on my body instead, so as not to waste it. Other than offering UV protection, this watery jelly cools the skin down and doesnt leave any sticky feeling behind while offering some hydration. Great for afternoons! I seldom get any sun and since this is only a SPF 30, I slather it on my hands and legs when I go central to grab lunch because I do get some sun when crossing the roads. 

The Face Shop, Oil Specialist Brightening cleansing oil with prune

I was looking for a cleansing oil to replace my fave cleansing oil from Biore(blue bottle) which got discontinued. And I feel this is by far the best I tried(DHC sucks btw). Nice smell. Cleans very well including waterproof eye-makeup and eyelash glue etc, no oily residue behind either, although it's my habit to double cleanse. The only weird thing is, after you massage it all over your face and eventually add water to emulsify it, instead of emulsifying, it kinda turn into a cleansing cream. It's kinda thick and I have to use ALOT of water and more time to wash it off. Well, ultimately it did cleanse very well, that's all it matters. It does brightens up the face too. 

Secret Key, So Fast Shampoo (Korea)

My hair length has been pretty stagnant for a long time. It just cant grow past the boobs length ever since I cut it. So I bought this from Qoo10 and there's alot of info on the ingredients which they used; mainly black-coloured ingredients like black beans etc because black-coloured food are supposed to support our kidneys and kidneys holds the key to our hair health, or so I though. It's main objective is to combat hair loss and accelerates your hair growth. I dont see it's anti hair-loss effect, my hair fall is pretty much the same to me. But my hair really grows so much faster ever since I started using this. I've used about 50% of it....for like a few weeks? And my hair has grew past my's around 1.5inches or more of hair growth! I'm loving my hair length now. =) It's quite moisturizing so it's easy to lather and doesnt leave your hair feeling dry. Which also means, it's not very suitable for people with oily scalp like me. Around 5hours or more, I can feel my scalp getting oily. So I usually use this when I know I will be home not too long later so that I can wash my hair before I sleep. It reacts differently to different people. Dearie experienced itchy scalp after using it but I am okay. For people who wish to grow their hair longer and faster, this is highly recommended!

Babyliss expert 38mm Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron CD109K

I've never been familiar with using curling tongs. Probably used less than 5times in my lifetime before I bought this. Call it an insane impulse, but I got this for around S$45 from Qoo10 and has never looked back since. Babyliss is a renowned brand for hair tongs, still, I dont wish to spend so much on something which I seldom use. Had used it for 3 consecutive days and I love it to bits. It's super thick barrel can create tons of volume with natural looking waves or curls(depending on how you hold the barrel, vertical or horizontal). If you tong it with bigger portions of hair by holding the tong horizontal, in fact, it doesnt even look like the hair is tonged. It merely look naturally voluminous, romantic and sexy as if you're born with great hair. I definitely love the "natural" or "maybe she's born with it" look. If you want more defined curls(tonged look), then grab smaller portions of hair and also tong it slightly longer. It can go up to as high as 200degrees. Heats up extremely fast. Can rest on table without burning your table top. Tourmaline coated tongs is said to leave your hair more shiny and less damaged because it seals the moisture in your hair bla bla. Better to finish it with an hair spray because big curls/waves generally doesnt last that long. 

John Frieda Luxurious Volume All-day hold hair-spray

The words which caught my eyes are, "touchably soft", "finishes naturally" and "for fine hair" because I dont like hair sprays which make my hair look stiff and all sticked together in ringlets. True enough, it gives flexible hold while still leaving your hair look natural and feels pretty soft. Of course it still feels like you've sprayed on something but it's still nice to touch and not as sticky as some other hair sprays. Granted, the 24hrs hold is definitely not true. At least for big curls/waves, it can only hold up to 6 hours. Despite so, my tonged hair(with the above mentioned Babyliss tongs) still look pretty artlessly tousled and romantic with the curl ends after 6hrs so I dont mind the poor holding power. =) Fragrance is nice, not too strong. 

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