Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Movie Review(online): 降頭 Gong Tau

(邵美琪Maggie Siu, 郑浩南Mark Cheng, 林雪 Lam Suet )

Movie title(watched online): 降頭 Gong Tau 
Ratings: 4/5

I caught this online last night. And I think it's a great Asian terror movie with black magic as theme.  HK is more popular for producing action films and this is a very outstanding horror/thriller which I felt deserves a recommendation. Thumbs up! Very thrilling with some gruesome and nudity scenes, please watch only if you're above 18 and has a strong stomach.

 降頭, which we Asians commonly refer it as, is quite a taboo object. As intriguing as it is, to me at least, few people know much about it. But I believe, in our circles, we would have more or less heard stuff about it. Like my colleague who had an Indonesian maid mix her urine in the water and gave it to my colleague's family to drink. My colleague reported her to her agency after she felt the water tasteed weird and the maid also admitted her wrongdoings, saying by doing so, the family will listen to her bidding. My FIL and a long-time uncle of mine also said it exists and the latter had seen it before. So I do believe it exists. Especially in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, especially in the rural areas.

桃花降, or love spell or whatever it is call, is the most commonly said/used, or so I heard. Haha. Hope the movie can teach some guys a lesson, that not all things can be paid or settled with money

Sometimes you have to pay in other ways~ =)

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