Monday, June 3, 2013

30 random facts

Just 30 random facts about me~ =P

1) I'm born on 9th August, Singapore's national day. Thus a leo. I remembered my parents used to be very proud of that fact but it's pretty annoying for me because for such a public holiday, everywhere is so crowded, traffic jam etc and not to mention, price hikes everywhere. Argh!

2) I love R&B and dance music or just music which are very Kylie Minogue's Chocolate. =D I can loop my favorite song of the moment ALL day....for DAYS, until dearie can get pretty crazy. Lol.

3) I love love love music alot. I'm always on headphones. The moment I wake up, I will on music and will even play music from my Note 2 while I'm bathing.

4) I love dancing to R&B and sexy music too. I was being told by many I danced pretty sexily.......hmmm...... But few places play R&B nowadays which is quite disappointing.

5) I'm fascinated by the different packagings of makeup and I love to buy and use them. Fave brands are Etude House, Urban Decay, The Face Shop and Bourjois.

6) I love to eat.....I can browse a menu for a long long time even after I finished placing my orders. I remembered my BFF Kel used to joke the way to get to my heart is to get to my stomach first. Lol. My favorite cuisine is French, Japanese, Western and Chinese.

7) I used to be really good at multi-tasking when I was younger but now I'm simply horrible. Nothing gets into my ears if I'm blogging or simply when I'm reading anything. What happened??

8) One of my fave past time when I was like....16 to 23 years old...was snooker. I can play like 4 rounds a day for 5days a week. Few girlfriends play and most who play arent very good at it so usually I played with my guy friends. But I hardly play now so skills dropped.

9) I used to love Counterstrike(CS) too, a LAN game because I used to work in a LAN shop in Lot 1. Again, another game which very few girls play. Eventually I lost contact with my CS kakkis because my then-bf dont allow me to mix with a group of guys.

10) I used to love singing but kinda lost that love now.... Well, I still sing sometimes in KTV's with friends as well as in KTV pubs....but actually now I enjoy listening to people sing more.

11) I love chilling or drinking...whichever way you call it.....I love chilling over wine with girlfriends and simply talking about anything under the well as drinking beer with groups of friends by playing silly games like 5-10, dice, direction etc, just to make the loser drink.

My favorite wine are Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon....particularly from Australia and Chile. I used to love red wine more but now I prefer white. A few favorite brands include Watershed, Lindemans and Santa Carolina Premio. I cant stand sweet wine...

My favorite spirit is Long island Tea.
Favorite cocktail is Lychee Daiquiri and Snowball.
And my current favorite beer is Erdinger, San Miguel and Kronenbourg 1664 blanc. =P

12) Hmmm........for a lady.......I think I can hold my liquor pretty ok.... Among all my friends, I think only Cel can hold it better. *Winks* Oh well, my soft spot will be I cant mix anything with champagne and red wine.

13) I used to be really obsessed with friendship and move heaven and earth just to help my friends without expecting anything in return. But let's just say experiences have taught me that friends come and go. I still treat my friends very well now but it's only a handful that I hold close to my heart.

14) I'm really receptive to all kinds of friends from different backgrounds, different religions, different lifestyles, different sexual orientation etc but the only thing I cannot accept are friends who simply make you pay and pay without returning you a dime, or friends who doesnt take care of you when you're drunk.

15) I'm really independent because I came from a single parent family and I'm the eldest with 2 younger brothers

16) Along with the fact that I baby-sit my 2 younger brothers since they're babies when I'm only around 9, feeding them with milk bottles, bathing them, wiping their shit etc, I have a phobia with babies and yes, I dont like kids.

17) I'm never one to go after guys nor even appear remotely interested because I'm simply too proud or thin-skinned to do that. Applause to girls who dare to make the first move!

18) I love anyone who can make me laugh, however my interest comes and goes very easily. I can like this guy for few weeks and then realized actually I dont like him that much. :O Kudos to dearie who has made me laugh just everyday and (almost) every moment and keep my interest very much alive even after 6+years. Lol. It works both ways though. =P

19) Ever since I suffered a major heartbreak for my first love, I'm strong ever since and I never took more than a week to nurse any breakups. I actually thank him though, to have made me a stronger person. =)

20) I'm able to maintain friendships with any ex-boyfriends(of course provided he didnt cheat on me) or just anyone who......who somehow didnt work out with that right. I simply meant, "Cant be lovers but always can be friends". But somehow guys cant take that. Why huh?

21) I believe alot in horoscopes and I guiltily based all my relationships and friendships on them.

22) I'm very sensitive and intuitive. I can easily sense who is interested in who and I love match-making my friends. =D

23) However for myself, I cant sense very well. Maybe because I'm always like a guy, a buddy etc so I will always think my guy friends treat me well because they treat me like a buddy too. Poor dearie.....liked me for 6months and I dont even know(I was attached then anyway). ZzzzZzz

24) For the above interesting fact....the moment I broke off, he hinted more "obvious" to me(Sorry I need super obvious hints), then I realized. HAHAHA! I believe if a guy really loves you, he will wait for you. Thanks for "waiting" for me to break off my dear.....*smuacks*

25) I have that old-fashioned thinking that you must let a guy woo you for sometime before you get together with him because I believe if he gets you too easily, he will not treasure you. It's only after another 4months then I got together with dearie. =P 4months very good liao okie, the previous one 6months. HAHAHA.

26) I actually know dearie because we're colleagues in the same insurance agency. At that time, he was like my 偶像(idol) because he's like a senior and he taught us many things. He is very charming, suave, humble despite being among the top sales, speaks fluently in both English and Chinese, knowledgeable, humorous and witty.

Damn funny lah him. I remembered I asked him what products he used because he has flawless fair complexion. And he said "SKII" with a straight face. I was like, "Really??" Then he said, "Of course no lah! Normal soap only lah." I was so jealous with envy. The thing is, I heard many girls asked the same exact question I asked before and they exclaimed the same "Really???" like me upon hearing his "SKII" answer. =S

27) My 2 favorite beauty bloggers is Suzi and Annie and I absolutely love their Youtube videos. They have blogs too. And they're really humble, generous, kind and inspiring people other than being insanely gorgeous. I dont like those who are cocky, haughty and selfish, no matter how outstanding they may be. Attitude is one thing, not overboard.

28) I tend to get really friendly to people and super passionate to my dear friends whenever I'm high on alcohol; I can hug my girls like koala bears, kiss them on the cheeks, which they usually will prefer to kiss me on the lips instead. Muahhhh~~~! Yes, I love my girlfriends. =D

29) I tend to talk alot of rubbish too when I'm tipsy and will just answer anything you ask me. That's so bad, so bad.

30) I have very tiny feet which are around 21cm long, which makes me impossible to fit it even the smallest U.S or UK sizes. The best I can manage is size 3(34) shoes which are slip-ons or slingbacks(where I can punch more holes to tighten it). I cant wear pumps which is quite my biggest regret in life.

Dont ask me wear kids' shoes!!! Arrgghhh! They are ugly and juvenile!

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