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Xiao Ma's wife committed suicide; Ye Ling Han taunted by husband's mistress

Xiao Ma's wife committed suicide

Ye Ling Han taunted by husband's mistressXiao Ma's wife committed suicide

9 Jun – It was reported that the wife of former Choc7 member, Xiao Ma had recently committed suicide after finding out about the Taiwanese singer's extramarital affair.
As reported on Groove Asia website, the heartbroken wife, Ye Ling Han committed suicide by jumping off a building in Macau, just slightly after a quarrel with Xiao Ma regarding his affair.
Sources claimed that the singer has been involved in an extramarital affair with a colleague since a year ago while his wife was still pregnant.
Xiao Ma, who has been keeping low profile ever since the news of her suicide broke out, finally showed up at the Macau airport recently to send his wife's body back to Taiwan.
When asked by reporters regarding the suicide, Xiao Ma, who was looking haggard, expressed, "I just wish to settle my wife's funeral properly. Thanks everyone for your concern."
Meanwhile, Ling Han's family demands an apology from the third party who has yet to appear in public, and added that they are unable to forgive Xiao Ma and the third party for causing Ling Han's death.
Ling Han's former boss who turned up at the funeral to pay his last respects stated, "Ling Han was seeking advice from her colleagues from the legal department one day before her suicide. She wanted to hire a private investigator to expose her husband's extramarital affair and catch them in the act."
The former Choc7 member had a shotgun marriage with his late wife last year due to her pregnancy. The couple moved to Macau when Xiao was hired to work as a public relations officer at the Sands Macao Hotel and gave birth to their daughter the same year.

Ye Ling Han taunted by husband's mistress

11 Jun – More than a week since the tragic suicide of Ye Ling Han, it was revealed that there was a series of text message exchanges between the former Taiwanese artiste's deceased wife and his lover that may have been one of the factors that prompted her to make the decision to end her life.
As reported on Groove Asia, on 6 June, a series of text messages were revealed to have been exchanged between Xiao Ma's wife Ye Ling Han and his mistress, identified only by her surname Xu, who, even after Ling Han found out about the extramarital affair, is unrepentant.
In one of the messages, Xu wrote, "I know you won't divorce Xiao Ma, but we will not break up too."
It was also said that Xu had sent many similar text messages to provoke Ling Han, however, her actions were defended by Xiao Ma, who allegedly refused to change his ways.
Disheartened by her husband, Ling Han committed suicide by jumping off a building in Macau, but not without posting a video of a woman experiencing labour pain during childbirth on her Facebook and left a suicide note that hinted at her disappointment in her husband.
Meanwhile, Xiao Ma's former manager, Andy, explained that Xiao Ma's absence from his wife's funeral was due to him feeling extremely guilty, as the former Choc7 singer was also pressured by public's criticism.
It was also reported that the 29-year-old has resigned from his public relations job at the Sands Macao Hotel to care for his one year-old daughter, but he is still unsure about his future plans.
However, Xiao Ma, who allegedly witnessed the suicide, wrote on his Facebook recently, 

"I am sorry, my wife... I am a worthless human being, and because of my infidelity, I have killed you and my daughter has lost her loving mother. I have no ability to do anything else but stare as you said goodbye to me in front of my eyes. You have given me my biggest lesson, but my wife, can you please not give me this lesson? Can you please tell me that this was all a joke or it was just a dream? Going through 18 levels of hell is not enough of a punishment for me. I was the one who should be leaving. It's me, not you, why did you have to be so stupid? Don't worry. I will take care of our daughter, and I will see you again. I love you, Ye Ling Han. Sorry."



"and I will see you again"??? Go jump lah you asshole~! 

What a beautiful lady....who had taken her life because of one worthless and world-class bastard. She really shouldnt, because she still has 1 daughter. If it's me, I'll never do it no matter how heartbroken I am, because I will worry that the bitch(mistress, Xu) will mistreat my daughter. If she can be so shameless and unrepentant(obviously because the bastard was backing her up), you should never expect she will be an angel who will take good care of your daughter but instead make her life a living hell.

I know, sometimes we say love cant be forced to order. Or, when fate ends, it ends. Or, maybe it wasnt meant to be. Or, we should always love bravely and conquer all obstacles.

BUT SERIOUSLY, things are really not as simple as we think. 

Love cant be forced to order -> That merely means you cant force a girl to love you and be together with you. But that doesnt mean you can brush it off lightly AFTER you had loved her, bonded by marriage and had a lovely child together. As much as people change and we all have our differences and stuff, you have a responsibility to nurture the love that you once shared. Well, at least try, WITHOUT a 3rd party's intervention. 

And I might add....."nor replace with another."

And for that quote, "We should always love bravely and conquer all obstacles(勇敢爱)." For the love of god, that doesnt mean you should break up someone else's family, "conquer" the wife and convince her to leave or commit suicide, just because you happen to fall in love with a married man. 

What should you conquer? 

You should conquer your heart, to stop seeing him or feeling for him. 

You should conquer your head, that such a unfaithful and irresponsible guy is simply not worth your time and attention. 

You should conquer your confidence, that you will always be able to find a better guy. 

And lastly you should conquer your conscience, where you know every night you can sleep well and know nobody died or is crying out there late at night because of you. 

H - Heart
H - Head
C - Confidence
C - Conscience

If you're in love with a married man now, I feel for you. But leave him if you love him, why would you force him in such a difficult position and do such sinful things for the sake of loving you? You didnt force him to leave his wife? Just wanna stay with him with no status? Common dont be so stupid to waste your youth away! Just leave him. If he really loves you(with no turning back), he will settle everything and come back for you. At least, your heart can feel somewhat lighter. 

Alright, I shall stop preaching because it's fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! And dear hubby is accompanying me to meet a spooky client whom I never met before at Jurong Point. Why I say he's spooky? He kept ask me to go his house when I said I prefer to meet him at Jurong Point(already very near his house). After I insisted on meeting in public, he then asked me how am I going back. Hmm........ 

Like soOOoOo weird rightttttt~~~ Or am I too sensitive?? 

Pardon me for being so timid lor....but you know the number of rape cases in India has reached a new I'm abit wary know you know.......... =P

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