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How I organize my makeup/cosmetics - Part II - My Fave blushers/highlighters/eyeshadows/foundation/bb creams/sunscreens/primers

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*Edited* How I organize my makeup/cosmetics - General Reviews - Part I - My favorite eye and lip products. 

Like I said, I lugged back some acrylic storage drawers from MUJI and I simply love them to bits!! Now I can see everything CLEARLY and can easily pick them out instead of having to dig all the time. =D

My new re-organized dressing table

Acrylic storage drawers purchased from MUJI

1st box 
- 1st tier: Lipsticks & Glosses
- 2nd tier: Mascaras
- 3rd tier: Eyeliners/Eyebrow pencils

2nd box
-1st tier: Blushes/Bronzers
-2nd tier: Eye shadows
-3rd tier: Eye shadows with some of my everyday essentials like eyebrow powder, highlighter

3rd box
-1st tier: Foundations/bb creams
-2nd tier: Sunscreens & Primers

KUDOS If we have the same stuff!! Or at least, if you recognize them!! =D

Now onto my 2nd box.......

My favorite blush will undoubtedly be Revlon Power blush 020 in peach, which I've already hit pan. It breaks easily, not super pigmented but I love it because it's more subtle and is buildable with more intensity. Thus it suits every makeup look I wear. MAC blush in Melba is another very similar blush to Revlon's except it's super pigmented and therefore, a light sweep will give you an orange blush instantly. Sometimes when I'm wearing very sheer makeup, I will prefer to use Revlon because it can give me a sheer peachy colour that looks super natural. For MAC, you will simply look you have blusher on. I feel it's not as smooth as Revlon's one too. Hope Girl's blushes(in leopard prints) are pretty cool and pigmented too, love them, so I own 2 colours, 1 pink and 1 peach. Very lasting.

The most left NARS blush I have is Glida and the most right Maybelline blush'em, I had it in "I'm so energetic". Both are beautiful coral colours which I have yet to try.

This tier consists of mostly Bourjois baked eye shadows and L'oreal Infalliable Eyeshadows(right side). For Bourjois, the colours with more colour payoff and intensity when applied wet are the dark grey and black pots(the bottom 2) but they do have fall outs. Not very lasting, therefore needs constant touch-up. As for L'oreal, the colours are really pigmented with great colour payoff. However, with their velvety and muddy consistency, they can become patchy or uneven if you dont blend them well. Lasting powder is not bad.

Bottom right is Heavy Rotation, my go-to eyebrow powder. Pretty lasting and pigmented. The fantastic thing is, I've been using almost everyday for maybe a year now? It still haven hit pan. Other than applying a little goes a long way, this small palette seriously have lots of product. The square pinkish box is Holika Holika Silk Aura Highlighter, which I've already hit pan. It has 3 colours, white, golden beige and pinkish shimmer. It lends a very natural but yet glowy highlight to your face, instantly making your face more 3D. I love it, so I bought another brand new one which I always carry around in my makeup pouch. Sad thing is, it's not lasting, have to touch up very often.

Shu Uemura eye shadows are great too, most have pretty good pigmentation and very lasting as well. One of my fave colours is ME Brown 850(pictured). It's a very elegant and classy brown. It lends depth to your eyes single-handedly but doesnt come off as very heavy-duty. Therefore I love to wear this for work. I tend to have the need to put some brown-based eye shadow or at least eyeliner most of the time because I have uneven eyelids. FML.

The lime green shimmer eye shadow duo is from The Face Shop and I remembered a friend love it so much that she went to buy. However she told me disappointingly that it has discontinued. Just this eyeshadow(or colour) alone, I feel it's lasting powder is so-so even with primer, but it's really shimmery and make your eyes pop. The black-capped small pot is L'oreal's gel liner. Very wet and creamy, thus smudge like crazyyyyy even with primer. If I air it to make it drier, maybe it wont be so bad.

2nd top left green eyeshadow is from O2 Skin....which I believe the Sg outlets have closed down. The colours are so pigmented and they're extremely cheap too. I regretted not getting more colours.

Here are my foundations and BB cream. And real sadly, I've tanned from my Bali trip and teambonding day thus some of the colours already dont suit me that well. However, I still have to say my favorites are......

in order of their coverage, from the most to the least, are......
Etude House Collagen moistfull BB cream in shade 1(lighter of the 2),
Bourjois Healthy Mix gel foundation in 51 Vanille Clair,
Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in nude(2nd last tube from right) and
Cathydoll CC cream in beige(leopard prints tube on the right).

They all have different qualities, different coverage, different texture, to cover all my needs.

However, for the best lasting power, it will be in the order of
Bourjois Healthy Mix,
Etude House Collagen moistfull,
Cathydoll CC cream and then
Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.

In terms of SPF, it will be....
Cathydoll CC cream(SPF 50),
Etude House Collagen moistfull(SPF 30),
Laura Mercier(SPF 20) and then
Bourjois healthy mix(no SPF).

For Urban Decay Naked Skin liquid foundation, it just didnt struck me as anything special. It's very watery and feels weightless on your skin. Other than that, it doesnt have much coverage despite being a lightweight foundation. In fact, even Cathydoll's CC cream can correct the complexion colour. This one, did nothing. It doesnt have SPF and it's not lasting too. Yes basically, I regretted buying this.

I heard alot of raves for Pore Putty BB cream(in natural) but was kinda disappointing because it was too yellowish for my skin. It's so yellow that I think very people will be suited to this colour. But it has SPF 50 PA+++ so I might just mix it with another lighter colour just to make it less yellow.

Physicians forumula Youthful wear in LIGHT is way too dark for me, even now that I've tanned abit. It's texture is very thick, almost like a paste and the accompanied foundation brush(not pictured) absolutely fail at blending it out. It left streaks all over. That being said, if blended nicely, it does creates a flawless and poreless look, which is what it claims. But firstly, you need to counter the dryness. I have combination skin and I still find it drying. Might have to moisturize it real well prior to using.

About.U(New York)(golden cap tube) is a fairly good BB cream too. With SPF 28 PA++. I only remember it being a little too light for me but other than that, it's a pretty good bb cream too with pretty good coverage. Interestingly, while the brand is from New York, this bb cream is made in Korea.

Here are all my sunscreens and primers, EXCEPT the Beige and silver tube right in the middle, which is Shills Natural Science BB cream. Upper tier no space already. =(

From left to right
Sunplay SPF 60 PA+++ is a hydrating sunblock which you can skip moisturizer if you're in a rush. Hypoallergenic.
Biore UV Bright Facemilk with SPF 50 PA+++ in white bottle is for brightening and to control oil at t-zone.
Stila 1 step corrector(mutiple colour tube) is a colour-correcting base. It simply cover redness and brighten up your face alittle so as to make it look more even. No coverage whatsoever. But if you have generally blemish-free and hyperpigmentation-free skin, it's possible to wear this alone(or maybe with some loose powder) to go out. Love this but I remember this being kinda pricey for such a small bottle...maybe S$50? It gets used up very fast.

Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Primer Potion, major disappointment. I think I only used once.
Shills Natural Science BB cream. The colour is abit too light for me, other than that, it has SPF 30 and has good coverage. Good oil control, so is suitable for oily skin.
The tube being blocked below it is a sunscreen which I'm allergic to, Biore UV aqua rich watery essence, SPF 50 PA+++. So I use it for my body. It gives a white cast(still natural) though so there's a need to apply it evenly. It's not true to it's name though, it's not watery, gives a rather matt look. It doesnt leave a sticky finish behind so it's okay for body too.

Etude House Collagen Moistfull soothing ampoule primer is a primer with slight shimmer. Gives a dewy finish. You need to top it off with loose powder in order to maintain the light and dewy look. But it doesnt have much coverage, lasting power okay. Need to control the amount used. The only bad point is sometimes "flaky bits" will appear after you try to blend it after some sunscreen. The only sunscreen I tried without this problem is Biore UV Bright Facemilk in white bottle(pictured)

I usually love to use this to create a no-makeup makeup look(假素颜).
You can view what/how I used them here together with Stila 1 step corrector(mutiple colour tube) ; 假素颜 look (Fake bare face)

Lastly, MUFE HD Primer in #5 was my favorite heavy-duty primer for my old clubbing days, when my skin was oilier. I realized constant use will make your face drier, which might be good for overly oily skins. I think it's because of this that my skin became more "normal". Or is it because of aging? =P Anyway, this is DA BOMB if you want your makeup to last for more than 12hours without touching up(maybe some blotting only). It's really amazing. It has a white cast so sometimes applying it on the t-zone(oiliest zone) can give your face more dimension too.

Be sure to ask a pro Sephora staff to choose the suitable primer for you as different needs different #. Mine is #5, blue, to add radiance to skin and to reduce minor imperfections.

Lastly lastly, the Benefit's High Beam on top left corner emits a natural and subtle glow when layered after your foundation and before your powder. It lasts generally better than powdered highlighters alone. It is not buildable so dont go dabbing more and more or you'll end up looking like an alien with enlarged pores.

That concludes the end of my entry!! Yes!!

As I mentioned I have another 2 small storage drawers beneath my dressing table for some more miscellaneous stuff like sponges/puffs and stuff. But they're not that important.

Oh if you may have realized why I did not mention any concealers? It's because I generally dont own any. It's not because I have flawless skin, it's just that I prefer to use the foundation/bb cream which I'm using on the face then to build on more coverage on those imperfections. I prefer them as they blend more naturally and flawlessly than a separate concealer which might be too light/orangy/grey etc. That being said, I dont have very super-disastrous-dark hyper-pigmentations or dark eye circles.

However!!! Just few weeks ago, I had a very very bad outbreak at the side of my chin area and it was because I insisted using the DHC cleansing oil which I bought, even when I know it doesnt cleanse off my makeup completely. I know that's really a stupid move. But it was expensive and I thought double cleansing with Clarisonic can help to cleanse the oily residue properly. But NO it cant!! I shall just have to give up and use it to clean my brushes instead.

The pimples were angry-looking, large, red, filled with pus and it was so so so horrible that I had to buy a concealer to conceal it. I was really pretty upset as it took a long while for those pimples to subside despite using a much raved spot treatment product. I seldom have this problem. I was so sad then that I almost went to a dermatologist! =(

But thank god I found a life saver product(saved myself few hundreds) and finally they're gone now. But they left behind some marks. =~( They're lighter now already.....they were much darker few days back. =( You can just imagine how bad the outbreak was. And I'll share what I've used to treat those acnes and to lighten the hyper-pigmentations as well as my one and only fave concealer in the next Jun monthly favorites. =)

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