Saturday, June 15, 2013

When girls go shopping and guys watching

Was shopping at Mini.bits(korea) for the kawaii mini hair clips!! GSS!! The most expensive item will be charged the full price while all others(max another 9 I think) will have 50% off!!

Dearie: I thought you already own so many hairclips?? Still buy??
Me: *choosing excitedly* Aiya, I need to buy more because I keep losing them
Dearie: If keep losing then what's the point of buying??
Me: *Indignant and pouting* But I need to use whatttttt! =P

After 30minutes, at around 10.10pm.
Still in the shop

Dearie: (announcement voice) Dear shoppers, we are closing in 10seconds. Kindly leave the store right now. 10.........9........8........

Me: *Rolls eyes*

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