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*Edited* How I organize my makeup/cosmetics - General Reviews - Part I - My favorite eye and lip products

Ahem~ Today's post is about my dressing table!! I know it sound so bimbo and boliao...but but...I've spent hours RE-organizing it and I just wish to do an entry on it!! =P I will also include short reviews on some makeup items to make this post more informative! =)

If there's such a word describing organizing freak, do let me know because I'm one. I re-organize my dressing table once every few months, just so to have a new feel and to organize it even better! As you can see, I have TONS of stuff and that's why the dressing table which I chose is different from the normal dressing who only fits alittle stuff. This off-white dressing table was bought from a shop at S$500 that sells all the kid's furniture at a big mall(I think is IFC, sorry dont rem) located at Sungei Kadut(CCK). It's supposed to be a kid's writing table. =P


Only the top left corner are Dearie's stuff; his perfumes. All else are mine. =P

As you can see, my stuff are still pretty organized with the different sizes of organizing drawers/storage boxes. The most left is a mini 4 tier storage box imprinted with kawaii bears, bought from Japan Home. The kawaii strawberry "flowerpots", lime green checkered "flowerpot", baby pink brush holder were from DAISO. The Hello Kitty 2 tier drawers were packaging of eggrolls, bought at Japan airport. The most right Hello Kitty box was from the Hello Kitty shop at 2nd level of Somerset 313. Their prices are pretty reasonable. Mini fan from Japan Home too. Leftside black "Anna Sui" styled mirror, you can get from mini.bits(korea)

And yesterday, dearie and I went to JEM(Jurong East). It was the official opening day and boy, was it crowded. There were a few big brands like Sephora, H&M, Kinokuniya and MUJI which made me so happy. Finally we westerners dont need to go all the way to town just to get a Make-Up-Forever Primer or something. What makes me even happier is MUJI was giving a 10% discount to purchases over S$100 on top of a S$10 gift card. Finally I can lay my hands on my favorite acrylic boxes!!!

I've always loved them but dont bear to buy them in whole sets for all my cosmetics because they're pricey. God knows how many sets of drawers I need for ALL my makeup. I've NEVER seen MUJI with great sale, this might be the only one and the best I've seen so I thought if not now then when? Finally I bought 2 of the 3 tier slim drawers, 1 2-tier thick drawers and 1 chunky drawer. Dearie seldom dissuade me from buying anything so it's quite the 1st time he talked more than a few sentences to discourage me. Because he felt spending over a hundred on these "plastic containers"(to him) is very stupid. But I tried and tried to explain to him it's MUCH easier to find and pick out my stuff this way because it's all transparent in a broad surface area, not to mention, definitely more organized!

With 2 packets of food stuff(around S$8), total bill is S$105 after discount. We got a S$10 giftcard and a recycled MUJI bag as well.

The 3 acrylic boxes are right in the middle, stacked on top of each other. 

Basically, most of my makeup stuff for the face, eyes and lips are in the acrylic drawers. 

Before I start with my acrylic storage box, I will just mention the 2 bulky loose powder on the right hand side, on top of the tall Hello Kitty Box are..........Laura Mercier in Translucent, which is very finely-milled loose powder which gives zero to sheer coverage. It doesnt have any colour so the foundation/bb cream which you use with it is very important. But I feel it's lasting power is really poor. Oh and the packaging sucks too. So I transferred them to an old Shu Uemura loose powder box. The other loose powder I own is Beauty Credit Lovely face powder in 21 crystal, not as finely-milled as the former, thus it wont look as smooth(better to use it without heavy BB cream). But it has better coverage and also lasts much better. My fave loose powder is actually from Etude House but is already discontinued. *sad*

As for palettes, my favorite and most often used one is the legendary Urban Decay NAKED palette. Super pigmented and gorgeous colours which are very lasting. Favorite colours are Darkhorse, Smog and Sidecar

The 1 bulky blusher which I love but yet cant store in the acrylic box is The Face Shop Lovely Me Ex Pastel Cushion Blusher in peachVery fine texture and subtle so doesnt burden the cheeks(make your makeup look thick). But better to apply lightly with your brush instead of using the puff(doesnt distribute colour evenly). Colour is buildable. 

I have another storage box beneath the table for some other stuff like pressed powder, nail polishes and stuff. I own a few pressed powders from Etude House and found them to be all very outstanding. Etude House BB magic pact has very natural and sufficient coverage, lasts well enough and is good in oil control. While Etude House Precious Mineral Sun Pact has the highest SPF of 50, PA +++ and is equally outstanding as the former. I mentioned it before here

Going on to my MEGA acrylic cosmetic box....

1st box 
- 1st tier: Lipsticks & Glosses
- 2nd tier: Mascaras
- 3rd tier: Eyeliners/Eyebrow pencils

2nd box
-1st tier: Blushes/Bronzers
-2nd tier: Eye shadows
-3rd tier: Eye shadows with some of my everyday essentials like eyebrow powder, highlighter

3rd box
-1st tier: Foundations/bb creams
-2nd tier: Sunscreens & Primers

KUDOS If we have the same stuff!! Or at least, if you recognize them!! =D

Ok so here are my lippies and glosses. Some are in their boxes, either because they are new or because their packaing are soOOoo pretty that I dont bear to discard for fear of scratching the tube.   So I have some Loreal, Revlon, NYX lipsticks...and some lipglosses. Hmmm.....some of my favorite glosses/lippies are;

Christian Dior - Dior Addict in 583 Papillion(not pictured because it's in my makeup pouch), the only pink gloss which I love and look good in. Very posh packaging too.
Maybelline Watershine Collagen Gloss in CP21(5th from left, brand new for stock-up), a nudish pink which is so so so pretty and matches whatever makeup I wear.
Too Faced Colour Drenching Lip cream in Spice Spice Baby(most left), a very moisturizing lip product which is inbetween lipstick and gloss, in super classy and glam chrome gold packaging!

I especially dont like the Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge in misty orange which is the gold tube in the picture. Pretty packaging yes, as I love anything gold. BUT it flaked so badly on my lips and it looked totally horribly. It's not as if I have dry lips. My lips are fine. But the colour just....bleed apart. Use once and that's it.

I know Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain are like dupes of the popular Clinque chubby sticks but they failed badly. Because this colour I own, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain in Honey/Douce, totally didnt show up on me. I cant even use it for once. Despite they're cheap, it's really a waste of money. It's weird, all the beauty bloggers raved about it...I wonder is it because my lips are not dry enough? The tube simply slide through and fro across my lips many times without any colour showing up. It's most bizarre.

The Laura Mercier lipgloss has a very minty taste...I dont mind mint...but I feel they toOoo minty. It's as if I applied medicated oil on my lips.

Of course, I have to mention my favorite eyelid primer of all times is Urban Decay Primer Potion(mini purple bottle with silver cap), which I already stocked up a full sized tube during the last Sephora's Member's sale. They extend the lasting power of your eye shadows and make your eye makeup more smudge-proof. Fairydrops Platinum Mascara(bright pink tube) is also pretty good in lengthening, but not very evenly because of it's 3-ball-ball brush design(whoever designed this kinky shape. =.=) SANA extra long mascara(on the right of the pink tube) is also pretty good in lengthening. Majolica Majorka lash expander is very smudge proof and holds your curl well, however I dont feel it lengthens very much. Hope Girl(leopard prints tube) mascara however was kinda disappointing because it smudges kinda easily although it's not bad in lengthening. Yet to try Maybelline the falsies mascara(purple tube). 

Hmm........Especially love NYX Jumbo Eye pencils(most left white tube). They're super pigmented, doesnt smude, very lasting and super cheap too! Love the colour in 607 Horse raddish which is a lovely summery green. I feel all my pencil liners all smudge(even with primer).....nothing to rave about. But I'll say the one which lasts the longesttttttt until it smudges(alittle only though) is Solone Waterproof eyeliner. You can get it from SASA or Beaute Spring and it's very cheap, maybe around or less than S$15. But Etude House Proof 10 liquid eyeliner(the one with blue cap) is pretty good!! Doesnt smudge, super water-proof and pretty lasting. But again, I seldom use liquid eyeliner because it easily make you look harsh. The NARS glitter eye liner is so irritating, I hardly use it and for some unknown reason, the cap became real sticky!! I had to put it into a ziplock bag.

I feel gel liners usually smudge lesser and they're even better when they're more than 4-6months old! Because they kinda dry up alittle already which makes them more smudge-proof. My 2months old L'oreal gel liner is so wet and creamy now that even with primer, it still smudges a little. I regretted throwing away my 1 year old unfinished TheFaceShop gel liner. Sigh...... Not that I mean it's good okie! It's only good AFTER it has been opened for more than 6months! The first few months also smudge one.

OMG!!! This post is getting too long. =( But I guess I cant stop halfway....I'll continue the part 2 again, for the face products like blushes, highlighters, loose powder, foundations/bb creams and sunscreens. =)

Part 2

How I organize my makeup/cosmetics - Part II - My Fave blushers/highlighters/eyeshadows/foundation/bb creams/sunscreens/primers

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