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*Revamped List* Tips on reducing wastage and boosting efficiency (beauty related) - Make the best of what you have

This list is constantly being updated whenever I think of any new tips. =)
Feel free to comment if you have any helpful tips too. =)

If you're a skincare or makeup junkie, then you're realized usually you own many products which are not your favorites. Somehow, maybe the colour is too dark or too light etc. And it's a WASTE to let them sit there in your makeup box, waiting for them to expire or throw them away, simply because you dont like them enough.

Here are some flexible tips to make the best out of all your products so as to reduce wastage, because I hate to waste anything, no matter if it's a product or food(unless they're not fresh or I'm super full).

FYI, I have ultra sensitive combination to normal skin.

Tips on reducing wastage and boosting efficiency (beauty related)

1) If any skincare product(scrubs, facial sheet masks etc) gets sensitive on your face, use it on your neck or body(except breasts). Naturally, for whitening/firming products, use on body parts which you wanna whiten/firm. Even if they do not whiten/firm as promised, at least they do moisturize.

2) If it's a cleansing water or cleansing oil which you're sensitive to or it doesnt cleanse as well for your face, use it to clean your brushes. If it's a facial cleanser, use it as a hand wash.

3) If any foundation/bb cream/tinted moisturizer is too light or too dark for your skin, mix it with a lighter colour (to lighten it) or darker colour (to darken it).

4) If any foundation/bb cream/tinted moisturizer's consistency is too thick or too watery for your preference, mix it with one of a different consistency to balance it. You can also mix it with a moisturizer.

5) Always lie flat(180degrees) when you're masking(sheet mask) so that the essence can be evenly distributed across your face. If you're standing(even if it doesnt drip), because of gravity, most essence will leave your forehead and go to your chin. Thus it might be too rich for your chin to absorb, while your forehead has little to benefit.

However, always remove your facial sheet masks before they get drier than your face(around 10-15mins), else all the goodness will flow back to the mask because of osmosis. Thus, you can always use the still-wet mask on your neck, chest, kneecaps etc, anywhere which is drier than the existing mask.

6) If you have more than 1 brand of loose powder or compact of the same shade, use the cheaper one or the less favored one for the neck. Or, if the product has been opened for more than 8months or so(but haven't expire), use it for the neck.

7) If you're new to eye make up and would like a classic, easy-to-use, versatile and lasting palette, Urbay Decay's NAKED Palette is a pretty good choice because it has all the versatile colours for light makeup days as well as clubbing bold, smoky eyes. And they last a long long time. A very reasonable price(US$50) considering the variety, quantity(12) and quality of colours. It also comes with a decent quality of brush.

8) If you already own many eyeshadows which you feel are lacking of lasting power(thus you dont use that much), then you can try buying Urban Decay's Primer Potion(or any other eye primers) to prolong their lasting powder(apply just before the eyeshadow).

9) As the above, if you find your existing eyeshadows lacking in colour pay-off, you can try T'estimo Eye Bright-up base, which boosts intensity of powered eyeshadows(apply just before the eyeshadow). (Just got to know this product has been discontinued. Opps)

9) If you're on a budget or don't wish to spend that much on makeup or you're simply too lazy to bring too many stuff out, simply buy versatile products like e.g, Benefit's benetint, which can work as both blusher and lip product.

10) Concealers which are usually 1 shade lighter than your skin can double as highlighter under the eyes and t-zone(after foundation, before powder) to lend definition. Like wise with foundations which are generally too light for your skin

11) After using toner on clean face which was applied onto a piece of cotton wool, the same cotton wool can be used to clean the ears or belly button. Also can be used to clean/wet an eye liner brush before using.

12) Foundations/bb creams too dark for your skin can be used on the outer of your face, like hairline, temples, the hollows of your cheeks or along the sides of your nose to CONTOUR. So that you have a smaller face. Meaning, you can use 2 different foundations/bb cream at one time, just remember to buff out the edges evenly so you look more natural.

13) If you find a certain foundation/bb cream has too thick a coverage than you desire, you can use a sponge or foundation brush to buff it out. This can reduce the coverage and make it more natural looking. FYI, applying with fingers gives the max coverage. Similarly, if you want lesser coverage with a pressed powder, use a brush instead of the puff to apply it to your face.

14) If a newly purchased red lipstick is too "red" for you to take it, blot it once or twice and top it off with a pink or gold lipgloss to reduce the "red-ness".

15) If a blusher's colour is too strong than what you preferred, tap it lightly on the back of your hand before applying it to your cheeks with quick and big circular motions to reduce it's intensity. Tip# Only use a little product. The brush you use matters too. A denser brush picks up more colour than a fluffy brush. Using a light fluffy brush can better control the amount you pick up(which is what you want to do with a super pigmented strong colour blush).

16) Some eyeshadows' intensity can be strengthened using a wet brush.

17) For foundations/bb creams which are sensitive for your face, you can try using it on your neck(provided your face product's colour matches too). If you're still sensitive, then give it away. =)

18) If you dont wish to spend more money on buying brushes, simply buy compact products which COME with brushes

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