Friday, June 7, 2013

Gang-rape of a US tourist by a group of truckers in India

Indian police investigating the gang-rape of a US tourist by a group of truckers said Wednesday they had identified the type of vehicle used in the attack and collected forensic evidence.
The 30-year-old American hitched a lift in the truck Monday night in Manali, a tourist destination in the foothills of the Himalayas, after struggling to find a taxi to return to her hotel.
The driver and two accomplices then abducted her and took her to a secluded spot where they raped her for over an hour, she told police.
"She is recovering fast and helping us move forward with the investigation. She has given us details of how the men looked, what they were wearing, which will help us," senior police officer V.K. Dhawan told AFP by phone.
"She has identified the truck type. It is typically used to transport construction materials so we are checking construction sites to see which trucks were in use at that time," he added.
Police also have forensic evidence and have identified tyre marks from the site where the attack occurred, Dhawan added.
The incident follows the alleged rape of a 21-year-old Irish charity worker in the eastern city of Kolkata at the weekend and comes as India tries to fight widespread sex crime with tougher laws.
More than 2,000 trucks a day ply the Manali highway which connects the town with remote Himalayan villages.
The woman, who cannot be identified under Indian law, is staying at a hotel under police protection in the Manali area, some 500 kilometres (300 miles) north of the capital New Delhi.
The victim told police she would meet US embassy officials later on Wednesday, Dhawan said.
Mass protests erupted across India in December and January following the fatal gang-rape of a student on a bus in New Delhi, a crime which brought simmering anger among women to the surface.
A survey by an Indian trade body this year found the number of female tourists visiting the country had dropped by 35 percent following several sex attacks that made global headlines.
Measures passed by Indian lawmakers in March increased punishments for sex offenders to include the death penalty if a victim dies and a minimum 20-year prison sentence for gang-rape.

These people are just SO SICK!! There are so many countries in this world, just quit going to India lah! 
"death penalty if a victim dies and a minimum 20-year prison sentence for gang-rape." ???
Why?? They should totally castrate the sex offenders as penalty!! That will solve all the problems. 
We're really lucky that Singapore is generally a safe country to live in. Although Japan is one of my favorite country with it's super clean environment and courteous and considerate people, the male chauvinism and morally corrupted values still somehow repels me. All these makes it hard for females to advance in careers there. At least I feel in Singapore, there's an equal chance for females to succeed and even excel better than guys. Why, I'm so proud of our female director, who can do it much better than guys!

Anyway, speaking of such sadistic sex offenders, it reminded me of an asshole yesterday who tried to spike my ice water with Macallan(whiskey) after numerous failed attempts to talk to me and rejection of his drinks. I caught him doing it and confronted him, and he got all embarrassed like a kid being caught doing a prank. Right, Macallan is not tasteless, even if I drink, I would have notice it. No big deal. But this guy obviously has nothing good up his sleeves. I immediately dragged my friend and left the club anyway since it was late. Thank god drugs are not easily available in Singapore.
Thinking back, I should have snapped the picture of that jerk and put it in facebook!

Girls, never accept drinks from strangers. And if you can, please guard your drinks well too!!

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