Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hediard Paris, Tudor Court

Jes saw this restaurant somehow and recommended us because she saw that it serves foie gras, my favorite. So sweet. :) So, together with Lin, we 3 favorite girlies went down to Tudor Court, which is located beside Tanglin Mall/Regent hotel.

Very limited menu. They had some breakfast food which looked very unappetizing to me but both Lin and Jes were pleased with it, saying the bread was crispy and fragrant and the bacon was awesome etc. However, I had higher expectations of my foie gras since this is classic french delicacy from a french restaurant. I was kinda disappointed. It's not very bad but doesn't has the classic divine sensation of "crisp on the outside and melts in your mouth". I totally dont understand the gingerbread crumbs which was tasteless and did nothing to enhance the flavour of the foie gras except to give it a grainy surface. Such a no no.

I'll say the environment is classy, comfortable and cozy. But it was very packed considering business was good in this tiny I did feel kinda...oppressed.

Pricing wise, to me, I felt the breakfast food($19+), which comes with a tea and small juice, were overpriced. For the foie gras($29), considering the portion, reasonable.

Most probably not going back.

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